“Believe me, I really wanted to cum!!”

I’ve spoken about orgasm denial before, and how I do it both voluntarily – – and also as part of an ever evolving journey on becoming the PERFECT SUB.

We never know everything, do we? And despite my vast experience (even if I say so myself, hehe) in BDSM and other related areas, I believe we ALWAYS keep learning …

Always so much more to learn! Always a different way to serve her … or him, for that matter, and on that note … ?

Last night, it was a battle to keep my hard on in check, my friend!

I don’t know why, but over the past two nights feet and DICKS have been at the forefront of my mind, and while that is NOT anything new for a cuck like me – or should I say sissy, hehe .. it is certainly something that makes it “hard” to keep to my “vow” – pun intended!

And TWO of the sexiest visuals flashed into my mind as I desperately tried to stop myself from cumming … and succeeded. Remember, all I was doing was flicking my nipples, and …!

One was a slim black guy with the longest CUT black dick ever having his way with Madam, and as he finished …

“Ahhhhh!” he moaned, as he dis-mounted her, and I KNEW his orgasm was near, those lovely balls were contracting for the last time, that long STRONG cock was straining to release it’s juice from the engorged PINK head …

‘Here’s your Christmas gift boy!”

And just like that, he shot loads all over me … moaning in pleasure, and this was a scene from an actual porno I watched a while back, but I had Madam fingering his P spot too in “my own mind” – – something that gave him an extra explosive orgasm, as I’ve written about so often – really brought him over the top, and as he dressed afterwards, that long dick of his swung back and forth, the head so TANTALIZING … the foreskin just barely covering it (this was another visual, by the way).

Or, the long dick resting on my face, flopping over my nose, with the remnants of cum, with his strong black thighs spread apart.

And then inexplicably, the other “most inventive sub orgasm” I’ve mentioned before came to mind, that one where the sub is caged and another man (presumably his Master) with an erect cock also straining at the bit touches him through the cage, and he unloads – while being semi hard, or less than it!

And that’s the sort of orgasm I myself had a few days ago. I believe I wrote about it – – the “first time it happened to me” – – and there is a reason I say that we’re always LEARNING, my friend!

And that’s for now. Always keep learning … keep evolving – and that’s what it’s all about!

Mike Watson

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