Her hands, her beautiful hands, those fingers on NIPPLES, the humiliation … oh my!


Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

… and more, is what I wanted to say yesterday when I saw a lady add me on wechat. Which of course is the norm!

Yes, attracting female dominance to me has never been a chore at all – because its embedded into the deepest depths of my subconscious, my friend, and “A complete guide to attracting dominant ladies in mainland China” explains why I attract femdom to me – always have – like MOTHS TO A FLAME!

Truly so – so can YOU – if you “do the thing” and do what he book says.

Will you?

Lots of people say they will, but never do.

Will YOU be the one that will do? 

Write back – let me know!

But before that, know what struck me about Bella?

It wasn’t even her dominant nature – she’s not dominant at all from what it seems, and yet, she IS – even if she doesnt know it!

Chinese ladies all are!

There’s a reason she added me, and the pictures she sent me of her hometown were the same pictures I saw in 2015 when I actually WENT there – a most beautiful part of China i.e. Guizhou province.

Hills, villages with pretty lanterns lit up at night – and it brought back MEMORIES.

I’v ebeen dreaming of Madam Carol as of late.

I’ve been dreaming of her “losing my hand” in a crowd after taking it – and waking up with a poignant sense of “loss”.

I’ve been dreaming of her “studying with another person”.

And many other things.

Unfinished business?

I dont know – that was the most intense and romantic – and fetish wise too (she’s mentioned int he book above) – relationship I have EVER been in. Whirlwind romance, and the emotions, my friend. THE EMOTIONS!

Emotions are what drive your subconscious, my friend.

When you SEE a cock – doesn’t it just arouse the sissy in you anyway?

Sure, talking about it does – but thats only because your brain makes the pre-association between the word cock and the image of a penis – not the bird!

Anyway … eating the bird, or women giving me the bird … !

Where was I?

ah yes.

Madam Bella!

Thats her name, and the pose I saw on her wechat wall – truly magnificent – truly one for th eages without trying to be so!

She was modeling sunglasses, and had the forefinger/thumb position – NOT the money position I mentioned in Profound Positions – but one I believe I didnt mention – I think so, at least, I’m dizzy thinking about it – the “small penis” motion!

You know the one!

Girls in findom and femdom do it all the time, the forefinger and thumb almost together, leaving a little space for the tiny penis.

And oh my – her skin is so soft, her palms so inviting, I just wanted to drop down and WORSHIP!


Anyway, female palms and yours truly and female Chinese fingers!

Long, long association.

In Sin City Diaries I tell you the tale of the sex worker who looked at my admittedly HOT LOAD of cum with disgust on her pristine palms!

Madam is a Goddess!

She’d never have dared to do that to a paying customer. I was one!

But she KNEW!

Then Madam Bao Bao, and her cracked heels – one for the ages – truly!

If there is ONE lady you’ll want to read the books for, it is HER!

And of course, Ms Liao, and how she so expertly, in the space of a second started the most pleasurably journey of my lifetime.

Nipplegasm Central was born from the sheer pleasure nipples can give  a man – – and the sheer CONTROL A woman can have over a man that way!

And that, my friend, is what I wanted to say now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I’m thinking of doing up a femdom “honor roll ” or so for the site. Those of you that have bought 5 products or more – email me with what you’ve bought – email me with how they helped you i.e. leave a REVIEW – and not only will you get the automatic 10% discount off your next purchase for leaving a review, but you will also … be put on the Mike Watson femdom honor roll, a honor NOT given to many, trust me on this one.

Those of you in the Watson Faithful KNOW THIS!

And yes, all of those in that very exclusive inner circle will be on ther etoo.

If YOU Want in, and I KNOW YOU are good material for it – then let me know!

PS #2 – And again, with all the products we’ve got? Why not jump on ahead and get a membership to the Watson faithful NOW? I mean, you get free access to ALL products via instant digital download – for a lifetime – so long as your memership stays active and valid – so why not??!

Truly the deal of a lifetime, friend.

Get on this NOW before I jack the price up.

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