Her soles – and my utter SUBMISSION!

Dear Reader,

A lot has been made – and discussed – about submissive men (truly submissive) – and what really “get them going”.

Feet, for obvious reasons are at the center of every discussion around this topic, as all true submissives – sissies – or cucks – like female feet in one way or the other – or one shape or the other, should I say, hehe.

But the soles, curiously enough still seem to ignored by many people – including some so called “foot fetishists”.

And as a “connoisseur” of deviance, I will say this – – TRUE femdom (and yes, I’ve said this before, I know!) is all about the VIBE – the dominant VIBE – and her mind – not her actual looks or body or whatever – – and the soles fit in perfectly with this concept – as they should!

This morning, for whatever reason I chanced upon the soles of the Goddess that is the “siteicon” for the site (not the lady on the front page) – and my dick instantly sprang up, despite me having no sexual thoughts of any nature whatsoever before that.

This bears testament to my self conditioning of course -something I enjoy – and something all TRUE male submissives should do.

The feet are obviously the “lowest” part of the body – and the soles are even lower. For all true femdom lovers, what could be a greater joy to worship than her soles?

MORE IMPORTANTLY, every woman has “soles”.

The face differs. Some beautiful, some not beautiful.

The eyes are shaped differently (but the looks remain the same, hehe, if the lady is TRULY dominant) …

And so forth … but EVERY lady has soles that are “equal” – that she can flaunt – and rightfully so – and use to DOMINATE the cucks and sissies of the world.

In other words, her soles are living PROOF that real femdom is about the mind – NOT the “looks”!

When I see her soles, I want to …

Instantly drop down and lick the bottoms of her feet.

Madam, you’re always superior to me!! My place is at your feet – beneath your feet…always!” (as she looks upon me with amusement, a touch of scorn and derisement – and ultimate SATISFACTION – the satisfaction that one can only get from TRULY knowing that shes about to have her cake – and eat it to!).

And as I start kneeling before her, and as happened with Madam Pearl, and so many others …

“Madam, may I buy you a pair of … ”

Or, “Madam, may I pay your phone bill?”

Or … “Madam, it’s such an honor to be allowed to buy you gifts. Thank you so much, Madam!” (this as she laughs out loud, being I am the one that bought her something – and am profusely thanking her for the privilege!)

Utter submission is what happens, especially when those soles are mixed in with that knowing, naughty, and SATISFIED look in the eye – and THIS is what causes me to empty my bank accounts (literally, for Madam Pearl) – give her all my MONEY – and my cock as well in most cases – to be locked up!

Cuckolding and sissification are but natural follow ons from this, my friend.

If all I’m good for is giving her money – cooking and cleaning (as Madam so famously once said) – and buying her things – and being her bitch – then she deserves to have her base needs met by a real man – an ALPHA male that will take her as she deserves!

And it’s always an honor for me to make sure she looks gorgeous for him – and is HIS woman in bed – with me having all the other responsibilities associated with being in a “relationship”.

But again, it’s the feet – and her SOLES – and the mental part of this – that started all this – and made it so much fun – and enjoyable!

Take away the soles – and the mental part of this – and you have next to nothing left in terms of femdom – at least, thats my opinion, my friend!

And thats that for now. I’ll be back again soon!


Mike Watson

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