My chat with Madam Susan today

Fans of the “Madam Carrie” series will remember ONE lady – or two, actually – very well.

One is the imperious and oh-so-lovely Miss V, who truly embodied the spirit of “man is born to serve” – and nothing else!

You’ll remember that my service to her was STRICTLY LIMITED to serving her as a real servant – and helper – and SLAVE – would – and nothing else!

No sexual service. No nipple play. No “P spot massages”. While all of the above was done with Madam Carrie, of course (especially after that infamous trip to the UK) – – Miss V wasn’t involved in most of it (other than the parties, hehe, but that’s another tale for another time).

Anyway, reader of the Second and Third Volumes will also remember Madam Susan – that imperious, DOMINANT – SO DOMINANT – lady who was a recruiter – and featured in the book for good reason!

She took the concept of female dominance to a whole new level altogether, and added in SERIOUSNESS to the equation – something which was of course there with Madam Carrie, but she did it in a far more playful (though no less SINCERE, hehe) manner.

And as I spoke to the royal Madam Susan today, I felt the familiar tinge of excitement – and SUBMISSIVENESS sweep over me.

“Madam, long time no chat! I hope you’re well!”

And after a while, she replied.

“I’m fine!” She didn’t actually say “boy”, but she might well have!

I then asked her about her business, which is obviously NOT doing well due to the current COVID19 crisis in the mainland and indeed the rest of the world.

But Madam always does well, of course!

When I spoke to her last month, she said she was doing “not so well”. But now?

“Many business recover, boy! Start to work!”

And while that obviously wasn’t a direct answer, I got the import.

She then shared a picture of her cooking to me (it was lunch time) – – which looked nigh delicious. Corn, beef and rice, and as she shared it …

“Share my cooking with you! Healthy, and delicious!”

Being I was writing at the time, it took me a while to reply.

“Yes, Madam! Indeed … I remember you like cooking. Hunan girl (or lady – which do you prefer?). And while you like cooking, of course you don’t like washing the dishes later …”

(Readers of the Madam Carrie series KNOW this, of course – she KNOWS a man’s true place is UNDER her FOOT!)

As it should be, hehe.

“You have a good memories!” she giggled, without either answering the question, or directly saying “yes” or “no”.

And then, the next statement she made shocked even me, hehe.

“Can you open a Chinese center for me? I’m a qualified Chinese and English teacher, and can teach online!”

No mention made of the money required to open the center, of course … Guess who would be on the “hook” for it, hehe. No mention made of the questions … and perhaps most importantly, no mention made of the fact (that she knows, but “forgot” – and I use quotes for a reason) that teaching, as I’ve said a TON of times before is something I absolutely ABHOR, and rarely, if ever do!

But then again, she is Madam Susan, hehe.

“My memory is good, but Madam’s isn’t … She forgot my business!” I said, giving her a huge grin.

She hasn’t replied as yet to that, but of course – I have no doubt she’ll want free books from me, just as she did a couple of years ago, hehe.

“But that’s OK. You’re always more important, so it’s obvious! You remember what is relevant for you, Madam” I said shyly.

“You’re a lady boss, and also Gorgeous Madam Susan”, I added on. And she is, of course …

There is more to this, but I’ll end it here, BUT … why do I bring up this chat?

Well, it’s taught me a bit MORE about femdom. Granted, nothing I didn’t already know – – but its always good to REINFORCE one’s learning, and in this case, what did I (re) learn?

First, it’s always about her – and her alone! You don’t matter at all, if it’s true femdom!

Second, MONEY is the most important thing, boy! Pay her bills, as the imperious Madam Anya once told me … and pay her credit cards too!

Third, she only answers questions when she wants – if she wants – but you need to answer everything!

Fourth … it’s always about HER … oh wait. I said that, didn’t I? Hehe.

And there are more lessons in there – – see if you can spot ‘em!

I feel GREAT after talking to Madam Susan, and if she was here, I’d beg to wash her dishes, and thank her for the privilege, hehe.

On that note, I’m out. I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – All of what I have mentioned are CARDINAL RULES of true femdom, and if you want to attract TRUE FEMDOM to you the way MOTHS are attracted to a FLAME, well then you need to learn – and relearn – and then some – these cardinal RULES until they’re deeply embedded into your subconscious mind, and at that point – watch out. You’ll truly be attracting femdom to you without even trying. Take the first step on that deeply REWARDING journey right here – –

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