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Why cuck tongues should be shoved SO FAR UP assholes that ..

Spicy Erotic

… you can almost taste the food he or she ate, friend.


I know. Sounds gross, eh?

Yet, such a turn on when Pooja Memsahib makes me stare at her poo, both when it’s coming out, after it has – and of course, making me and punishing me if I get it wrong – about her tummy and its state if I DO get it wrong – from her POO!

And her asshole before it puckers, and … SPLATTER!

Nah, not always in my right eye either!

When it hits the water?

Anyway, before y’all say “TMI” (though I know SOME of you love this, hehe – I dont blame you ! (unless that Schofield abhorrence is readin this, ugh, I wont sell to him!)) …

A joke.

On my WeChat, I saw a gif – or meme or whatever they call it.

Man wants to go out of building during lockdown, keeps arguing with guard.

I GOTTA go now, he keeps saying.

Much like when you gotta POO!

And of course, finally the guard relents.

We see “Anus” hung around the guard’s neck.

And as the dude finally runs and departs, we see “poo” hung around the back … Hehe.

A tad juvenile, but very well done!

As was the same “BDSM for cheapasses” joke (this applies to a lot of y’all here “just for the free stuff” and never have any intention to BUY) … (and to Bozo Schofield as well, though I wouldn’t put you in the same bracket! Hehe) …

(To the Bozo, “mate, you’re a joke!“) He truly is, hehe.

A guy who was chained to the bedpost by …

… none other than handcuffs made of a leftover six pack “plastic holder”.



Thank you, Segis!

But anyway, anus and “when it’s gotta go” – oh, the meme also said “Finally gone!” Clean!” With sighs of relief on “both ends”. Hehe.


It didnt .

I did!

Because despite what my fitness friend writes about on the other site about isometrics being the best thing you can for constipation (he got the exercise from what my lovely Ms Priyanka used to get me to do – a trick known in China and India for AGES!) …

… some people don’t listen.

Bozo Schofield being one prime example, he’s so full of crap that … ugh.

But anyway, sit in that patented position and your poo will just FLY out of you – better make sure you have a toilet or perhap cuck nearby, hehe.

But if you dont?

Well, do what Miss did!

And she used to get me to lick her asshole – right in the morning – not just because of pleasure…

… Because Madam had trouble going!

EVERY time I’d do it, she’d go- like a firehose at that!

Pooja Memsahib , of course, has NO trouble going.

Solid, well formed turds she has …


As I kiss her feet… And thank her for allowing POO to escape her, I feel her sigh in relief. 


You know what I mean, yall with constipation. Hehe. Your tummy literally contracts!

No wonder, with all that poo in there, once it finally comes out.

Anyway, tongues deep in assholes, so deep that you can literally say “his ass hair belongs your upper lip” or hers – will do it!

So will anyting up there, friend, and if you’re into sissygams which BOTH studs and cucks should be  …. well, thats an obvious tip I cover in Sissy Gasm Central ie “make sure you go first!”

Unless you’re into nasty “surprises”, hehe.

If you are, well, thats fine – so long as you keep it SSC – yes, brown showers can be that if you do it right.

But a lot aren’t – and a lot don’t heed this, but they do after it splatters them in the right eye!

Yours truly, hehe, truly my third eye is all knowing! Hehe.

Anyway, you get the point.

And the other tips are not obvious at all. Truly tips that blend the spiritual in with the physical like NOTHING you’ve ever done.

Orgasms that increase kosmic karma and awareness for one and enhance intiution like never before. Seer like intuition, dont be surprised if you start to “feel your third eye” open – both down there and up there ona steady diet of these!

Trust me, friend.

The best ever – and you’llwant to get the course on it now.



Mike Watson

PS – Along with that, pick up the next best – close competition tho – course right here – Nipplegasm Central. BLISS COURSING THROUGH YOU LIKE NOTHING you’ve never felt with either one, double and more if you COMBINE!

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