How to effortlessly attract DOMINANT ladies to you

Dear Reader,

Was chatting a friend about this, that and sundry a while back ago – and the question was posed -as it has been a million time before (or so it seems!).

I was recanting one of my experience with Princess Tina, and pat came the question – half “curious”, and half (seemingly) envious (vibes don’t lie, my friend!).

“Where do you meet all these women, Mike”

Well …

“I mean, how do you meet them” he corrected me.

And my answer is the same as always – as I’ve always told you – without – I repeat, WITHOUT – “consciously” making ANY effort at all on my end.

This alone sounds like a mind bender to the vast majority of guys out there (vanilla or not) for whom “running after women” is a major pastime.

And I understand, but yet – this “running after anything” rarely results in anything but frustration – often times, repeated frustration.

Neither does sitting back and doing nothing accomplish much. You hear a lot about “wait for it to come to you”, but this piece of advice isn’t necessarily what you should be told, my friend, if you’re having trouble meeting women – or dominant women at that.

And the KEY to meeting both types of women — vanilla or not – – is simpler than you might think.

While I’ve outlined no less than TWENTY POWER PACKED – and REAL world (read very practical) tips on how to get yourself the dream dominant lady of your choice – the real key isn’t even in those 20 tips.

The real key is very clearly mentioned in the manual, but as Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich – – you’ll find the SECRET mentioned in nigh every chapter – – whether you recognize it or not is up to YOU.

Quoting from that book (paraphrasing rather)

I could give you the secret right now, but that would deprive you of many of the benefits you would get if you discovered it yourself.

Truer words have never been uttered (or penned), my friend!

I don’t care if you’re trying to get rich – or lose weight – or learn a new language – or write a book (or several) – or attract the dominant lady of your DREAMS – the same thing holds nigh true.

Why do attract some things to us without even thinking, my friend (such as in my case)?

Why is a moth attracted to a flame? (the question I pose on the homepage), or honeybee to pollen?

Ever notice that what we think about a lot tends to come true??

The key, my friend is so simple that it should be obvious. In fact I’ve GIVEN to you not once, but twice in this email – but you’ll have to spot it for yourselves!

In the meanwhile, remember that the pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” is NOT just tailored towards finding dominant Chinese women – it is applicable for women of ALL races.

Thats right, my friend. It matters not what race she is. Her MIND matters!

Second, I’ve even gone into depth into some of my vanilla (very vanilla at the outset!) relationships – and how they turned into some of the BEST female dominated relationships of my life.

If that matters to you – or any of this does (and if you’re reading this, I’m sure it does, hehe) – then you’ll want to grab this little gem right now WITHOUT delay – right here –

And thats that for now, my friend. I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. The best things and REWARDS in life come to those who take ACTION, my friend. If you’re just sitting around hoping, for instance, that “you’ll find the perfect Domina someday” – well – chances are it WON’T happen any time soon. ACTION is key, my friend, to making any desire come TRUE. Take that action NOW – –

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