Chastity – cum – cam(cum)era!

Now that was an interesting wet dream I had – but after the workouts I’ve been having, and the somewhat “fat” Indian lady I saw the other day with the most gorgeous feet ever, the bare feet, and the BROAD feet, toes painted shiny black, so sexy, contrasting so WELL with the rest of her body ALL clothed up – after all, cucks only need FEET, boy! … it was probably going to happen anyway.

That Indian lady I saw. So nice!

Madam, please let me light your cigarette for you! (and she probably  wouldn’t even bend forward to let me do it!)

(She’d probably arrogantly slam her foot down on me, my shoulder, or my lap.)

Per Daba!

The words ring out so nicely, so well drilled into not just my mind, but my subconscious – by the lovely Ms Priyanka!

Sir Daba!


… And so it went on – it was often a game for Madam, and this has been repeated through the “ages for me” – with both Chinese – and Indian women aka Goddesses

Press my head.

Now my arms!

Now foot!

And with each command, they’d hold out a limb to be pressed, like a Queen commanding her minion … in this case, a SLAVE!


That old teacher I once had whose servants used to do just that for him – did I ever write about him?

I believe I did … Oops, wait – that was Pooja Memsahib – but that post is worth sharing too!

Anyway, I think I DID write about him here … and it’s true!

He’d often do the “press my legs! My arms! My head!” thing – right in front of all of us, the students…

Unfortunate, but true, this modern day slavery in the subcontinent.

But anyway, that brings me to my dream – unlike most of them (the wet dreams) where I wake up with a raging boner that seems to last forever, this wasn’t the case with me this time . And as I write it, the Indian lady’s soles are foremost in my mind, not what happened in my dream.

Which I woke up from, with cum dripping down my legs, my flip flops – literally. It’s cold around here now, and it was interesting, getting to the kitchen surreptitiously for the paper towels!

‘Twas an elevator, I think, he was taking some readings, the guy next to me in pitch darkness.

And they werent right. they just weren’t!

He kept saying that.

Suddenly, this –

“Mike, do you know I got a set of these made”?

And a set of lovely, fleshy nipples popped up on his body – on his stomach!

I got them done down here too, he said, and then exposed his bush to me – without a shred of “shyness”. He just did it as if it were normal!

Dense, hairy bush he had down there, I remember peering into them interestedly, trying to smell, to find the dick. 

I couldn’t.

But I found a device!

A chastity sort of device, and a tiny penis locked into it …

And I remember him looking in a naughty – cum – evil manner at me.

“Nah, I won’t do that to you .. “

For a minute I was confused.

Then I got it!

There was a camera on the device, pointing at me!

And then he laid down on the bed, by default, since I was kneeling, his foot came up, lovely broad sole, on auto pilot, I started to press it, knead it, he relaxed, ignoring me, on his phone, and that sole, that broad SOLE filled my mind,and …

.. well, I came!

Luckily not a lot, hehe. I prefer not to cum/release at all these days!

Now what this dream meant – only my subconscious mind knows.

Maybe the camera is a reflection of my own hidden (sort of hidden) desires ?

But there was no mention of dick in the dream, something you cock worshippers love SO!

Interesting though, a squat white device..

Brought some ideas to mind upon waking up (although the Indian lady was foremost in my mind!).

What if the device could actually record?

Like, ladies giggling at the micro penis, and then tweeted all over the world. Hehe.

Or, sneaky pervs looking for dick …

Or, the owner himself, recording his every move!

Certainly an interesting one, and certainly an interesting wet dream too!

Well, my friend, Indian ladies are great, and super, uber dominant.

And as I hear “Merry Christmas” ring out everywhere, if you haven’t yet got the Serving an Indian Goddess series, what are you waiting for?

The perfect way to begin and end Christmas – and New Year – at Madam’s feet – beneath them – and my books take you there, and then some!

Get some of our Chinese femdom books too -you’ll love’em!

And, they make great “stocking gifts” too, hehe, pun intended!


Mike Watson

PS – A female Santa, wielding the WHIP. Now THAT, my friends, is a merry Christmas – and is so interesting!

PS – Madam Jojo was another SO dominating lady, and here is where you can read all about her – I do not know why I mention her now, but with all the serving going on, I had to!

Truly her property. Silent night, Holy Night, Holy Madam Jojo!

PS #3 – Nipples are the key to some of the most bliss filled orgasms, or sissygams,or both – you’ll ever have.

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