Princess Sophia, and her dream MAN . . .

. . . and I capitalize MAN for a reason there .  . . BOY!

For the same reason I capitalize the word “boy”! ?

Anyway, ya’ll know about Princess Sophia. That lovely lady with the long black hair, THAT imperious and arrogant attitude, and look in the eye . . . that took me for a LOOP the first day I “met” her.

“We can’t be lovers! But we can be soulmates” . . .

That was what she told me the first day, and of course, she asked me in no uncertain terms about my bank balance. And I wrote about that before too! ?

Oh boy. What a lady she was! And is . . . often times she’d get irritated at me and call me all sorts of derogatory names.

When I sometimes got annoyed and asked her if she did this to other men she chatted with, the answer was emphatic and a huge “NO. Of course not!”

Even if they were just “contacts” . . .

“So why me, Madam?”

She grinned. The answer was even more forthcoming, even more so than in the dream where the guy told me “YOU chose to be a bitch!”

“Because you allow me to, boy!”

And I do. She’s just such a Goddess that I let her use, abuse and demean me as she sees fit to!

I wrote about “the depths to which one is prepared to plunge to in order to get true femdom in the last email”.

Well, many years ago, I had a girlfriend who wanted me to go to counseling for my fetish.

I wrote about this too of course. You can find it via a search on the website.

She threw a hissy in front of a sorority on this, no less . . .

. . . anyway, we were once discussing a male sporting star. One whom I liked.

And I don’t mean like in that way. I mean normal like!

“Baby . . .” she began.

“What?” I asked.

“I’d show him my boobs for you! Just for you!”

And I still remember the anger and shame I felt.

“Show another guy your boobs?? No way!” I protested.

“Only for you”, Madam went on . . .

Only for me? The same girl who wanted me to go to counseling? Was she as confused as me, or was this her inner self speaking to MINE, I thought, as I felt a surge of blood to my loins.

We never took it further than that though.

As for Princess Sophia, after we met, I once very timidly asked her for sex, or a BJ.

Or, WAS going to ask.

She sensed it, of course.

“You can never have sex with me, boy!”

And when I queried about a BJ?

“You???? Never!”

And she said it SO emphatically that we got into a bit of an argument.

I asked her who she did it for.

My husband, and that was BEFORE, she said. I USED to do it for him, but no more. Now, it’s only if I love the man.

And then a sly grin.

. . . or, if it’s a superstar, she went on.

And she proceeded to show me pictures of some guy that wasn’t even alpha male looking.

One of these Korean pop stars if I got it right, but his looks don’t matter. To Madam, his fame and money mattered! ?

“Any girl would be lying if she said she didn’t want to sleep with him, even though she doesn’t know him!”

“But”, Princess continued. “Regretfully it will happen, but only in my dreams!”

Well, maybe so Madam.

But given what I wrote in my last email. . .

I’d kiss his feet and ask him to make love to you.

I’d lick his balls until he got hard for you, and KEPT him HARD!

I’d gladly polish his shoes with my cum!

I’D GLADLY brush my teeth with his!

And so forth.

And I’d debase myself so thoroughly, and why?

Only for YOU, Madam.

Only to get that whack on the back of my head, that look in the eye, and that DOMINANT, satisfied vibe!

Sissy love truly is true love, and I’d rather be your soulmater and be cucked and locked, Princess!

If only you’d realize that fully!

Paye Lagu, Madam, and thank you! ?


Mike Watson

PS – This lady is another one I have not written about in a novel before, but I certainly will one of these days. In the meantime, here’s another Sophia you can read about – and how!

Sophia Bai

Sophia Bai – the Sequels.

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