Pooja ki Pooja KAR!

and thats all I gotta say for this one!

As those SOLES come into full view, those broad yet petite INDIAN SOLES!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib (as I see the grime on her soles, the DUST on the BALLS of her feet)!

The balls.

As those feet smash into my balls!

Not really, hehe. But she could smash me there gently!

Or tap me.

If she touched my nipples right with her old wizened fingers, and just ONCE, and looked into my eyes, without even speaking, I’d shoot LOADS!

Would be a ruined orgasm bar none!

And perhaps thats why Princess Dani loves the book so much, and so many others do.

From one thats been there, done that – and I’ll be back soo – I best go NOW before I explode, hehe.



PS – Pooja Memsahib. Enough said!

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