The most inventive sub orgasm I’ve ever seen!

Dear Reader,

So, I saw an extraordinary bit of footage yesterday on Twitter – – and I got to say, despite being experienced in BDSM in general (and definitely submission to females – and sometimes men too! ;)) – – what I saw yesterday “blew my mind” (pun intended!!).

I couldn’t sleep for hours after watching that video – – I saw it at night. Whether or not that is good or not I do not know – but I gotta bring this to you, my friend.

On a separate note, its funny, but true – a friend of mine (vanilla) and me were chatting about ladyboys the other day – and whether they’re “really ladies that had surgery done” – – or men that took breast implants – – or a little of both.

“Though I ain’t no slouch in that department, I must admit this one has me stumped, despite the vast amount of literature on it on the Internet” is what I wrote my friend – and it’s true, my friend.

So if any of you can enlighten me on this – please do – it’ll save me (yet another, hehe) trip to Thailand …

Now, back on point.

What I saw yesterday was a 10 minute or so clip with a caged sub and another man with a delicious, ramrod straight cut dick pointing straight at caged sub’s (I’m assuming he was the Master) – – and “jerking the sub off” while locked.

No easy task considering the bands of steel around his cock – and considering said steel made it impossible for the sub to get a hard on, but God, the mental turn on, with your Master in front of you (and possible your Mistress too) – – and that lovely cock pointing “POV” style straight at you!

The only reason the sub wasn’t on his knees was probably because of the nature of the video, and he let out little moans every so often as his Master (again, I presume) fondled his balls – and the BASE of his shaft – and tickled his pee hole, but none of that reminds of me of a REGULAR hand job, my friend.

It all reminds me of what I wrote in “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE – – and have him SALIVATING for more” – – in other words, the sub was being teased – – while locked!

That, to me, is the most inventive part of all this, and he managed to stay semi-hard throughout!

And suddenly, without warning, towards the end of the video, he cums.

Except it’s not your regular powerful orgasm, obviously.

It’s more like a prostrate orgasm – – or milking – – but it wasn’t quite that either.

It was a COMBINATION of a ruined orgasm and prostrate milking – – and thats another part that I enjoyed immensely.

There were SOME contractions – which makes it a ruined orgasm – – but the rest of semen was “milked – – here is another amazing part WITHOUT any prostrate work!

Some of you might ask how this is possible, but given the sub is horny enough and in the right mindspace , it IS. I’ve often accomplished the same effect via nothing but solo nipple manipulation – – and with a dominant Mistress – – and a lovely cock right next to me?

It wouldn’t take me more than a few seconds – – indeeed – – watching that video right now makes me want to cum, but I won’t, of course, hehe. 😉

So that’s some ingenuity for you, my friend. This same Twitter user has more interesting stuff on his account – – including a clip of a guy sucking cock – – and being pissed upon at the same time, and again, the cocks are in a “POV” position – – especially those delicious cut heads…!

This reminds me of what I wrote about in the Goddess Priyanka series, where “yours truly” would be licking her ass in the mornings before “she went” – it helped her go. And if you think about it, this sort of thing is true – especially with a full stomach etc, hehe.

No scat play in those books, but I did wipe her ass with scented toilet paper after she was done – – and I kissed each butt cheek reverently – – as she deserved!

Often times she’d spit her toothpaste out at me, which was another massive turn on.

What I’m saying is this, my friend – is that the SKY is quite literally the limit in terms of BDSM and so long as it’s SSC – that is one main reason it’s so much fun.

Vanilla folks reading this likely won’t get it and thats fine – but for those of you “in the know” – – well – – you know what I BE saying, my friend, hehe.

And thats that for today. Back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – While what I mentioned above is probably not for the average Joe (it takes practice!) – – you CAN learn how to experience (or give, if you’re a Domina) awesome ruined orgasms to even “rank beginners”. And my course teaches you how to do exactly that. Grab it right here – –

P.S #2 – I’m going to “retweet” this on my Twitter account. Be sure and follow me here if you’re interested!

PPS – And two years later, HERE is a link to the video – Truly a long term THINKER am I! Hehe.

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