He gets what you NEVER can – or will!

Dear Reader,

One of the most fun parts – and indeed, for true male submissives (as opposed to that that “top from the bottom”) is the sheer “unequal” (and previously agreed upon) nature of the relationship and the fact that as the relationship progresses, SHE gets to have her cake – and eat it too!

So it is with femdom in general – and cuckolding as well, which I’ve written a lot about.

Lots of folks wonder how cuckolding can ever be a turn on for any man – but sissies and male submissives (the true ones) will tell you just why it’s such a big turn on!

Most submissive men, believe it or not aren’t actually turned on by the idea of physical sex. It is more the act of submission that turns them on – and again, believe it or not, even the most dominant lady will WANT sex – preferably rough sex – every so often.

While the mental side of things is always a turn on, the fact remains that alpha males are what EACH woman wants in her life – not necessarily as a boyfriend or husband – but just for sex – or just “to be there” for her!

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Men have historically been providers and PROTECTORS – and women have been caretakers and the “protected”.

And even the most submissive of male subs (the real ones, again) will do anything and everything to protect his Goddess against harm – and that is a fact, my friend – and for those of you that don’t agree – best to find a new relationship!

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s nigh true.

In the modern day world, men will often find mistresses or lovers OUTSIDE a relationship, usually to “do what the wife won’t or cant”.

Could be blowjobs. Could be anal. Could be just looking pretty. Anything … but ….

… the point begets – WHY can’t WOMEN do the same??

Sure they can – and I find that women doing this to men is FAR more of a turn on than men doing it – simply because women have the ability to CARE for a man WHILE they cuckold him – and while that sounds strange, it’s very true!

Remember, most women get into cuckolding not just because they may want to – it’s also because the man WANTS it subliminally.

And of course, if the man can’t get it up – or the man cant perform in bed – whose to say the woman shouldn’t seek out a more “masculine” rock hard man to satisfy HER carnal desires?

Her “boyfriend” or “husband” can perform the other duties. After all, all women need TWO type of men in their lives – one to cook, clean, and pamper them – and another to make them feel like WOMEN – to “take” them in bed – ravish them – and so forth!

And if YOU as a true male sub know your place, it’s the former, boy! And that how it should be.

As Madam Su (remember her??) would often tell me, “He gets what YOU never can, boy!”

“You can press my legs and wash the clothes before I go out for dinner”

She once asked me what I would do when she brought her man home too … And while thats a topic for another email, to me, the whole concept of HIM getting what you never can is the biggest turn on for me – and any true male submissive!

And it just goes on from there, of course.

You provide. You take care of her. You listen to her complaints. You cook and clean. You massage .. You fetch her tea in the morning. And so forth! 

And she enjoys all of that with a wicked glint in her eye, and when it’s time to actually “reward” you …?

That look int he eye again, as she comes with a pussyful of cum – and a nice big dildo to milk you, perhaps.

Or perhaps pictures of her lover’s cock – preferably  pointed straight at your face in person! 😉

You get the picture, my friend. You get the picture.

He gets what you NEVER can – and crave – and you too, strangely enough, get what you crave, hehe.

Admit it – and know your place, sissy! It’s always under HER feet, at HER beck and call, and don’t you ever fucking forget that! Hehe …

Back again later,


Mike Watson

P.S. – Princess Joanie was an avid practitioner of the lifestyle above, and if there ever was a PRIME humiliatrix, it is HER – and it is in honor of HER that Humiliation Central was penned. Check it out right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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