What do YOU WANT next?

A sage question indeed, and when you ask most people what it is they REALLY want out of life – or femdom, for that matter – guess what

They’re unable to answer it definitively!

(and no, “finding dominant ladies” isn’t definitive enough! ;)).

And of course, thats why I put out my first “how to” after writing about 50 novels (which got people asking “how to”) on femdom …

And that how to is right here – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland.

Anyway … I’m exhausted. Not only did I put out two new courses last week, but the issues with Amazon, moving to some other book sites, all the issues with this site for the past month, and in general – I’ve also been doing a lot of writing for my fitness endavors (Miss V loves that, hehe, and why – well – you’ll have to get the book to find out ;-)).

And so, before jumping headlong into my next project, I gotta ask YOU guys on this list a very important question indeed!

In terms of books, or projects, what do YOU guys want?

The poll on the site seems to be pretty self explanatory in terms of femdom choices, yes, but again – I want to nail it down.

Those of you that first found me on Amazon via my femdom novels may want more. Let me know!

Those of you that loved Cuck Central and Humiliation Central may want advanced how’s to on that.

(How could any true femdom lover NOT like Princess Joanie, hehe).

Again, let me know!

It’s feedback that keeps the idea factory churning!

And last, but not least DO LEAVE reviews if you’ve bought a book, which many of you have.

All I ask is it be a HONEST, from the heart review – and as mentioned before, it helps more genuine buyers find GOOD books and manuals on REAL femdom as opposed to a lot of the other junkola out there.

So, write back – and let me know! Email works fine, or the contact form on the site too …

And I’m out. Back soon! (I’m sure, hehe).


Mike Watson

PS – And after Twitter seems unable to respond to my emails over the past few month about a blindingly simple issue (they blocked the account for only they know what reason), I am NOT going to get on Twitter any more.

Ditto for Instagram,who apparently decided that women’s feet were too “hot” for them.

Well, so be it. I dont much like social media anyway, so if you love my stuff – make sure you’re on my list – as that is indeed where the focus is going to be from now!

PS #2 – One reader recently wrot eback about “wanting more free stuff” or “reduced prices”. The first – well – sorry, but NO. The second – again – NO. The prices are what they are for a reason and they will remain so. However, genuine buyers – feel free to contact me – and we’ll see what we can do! 😉

PPS – No, yours truly “cucked” cannot “introduce you to dominant women”.

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