The best “POV” for you as a male sub …!

Dear Reader,

If you’re into fetish – any sort of fetish, for that matter, then the term “POV” has probably not escaped your notice.

Usually this refers to “point of view” (I prefer to call it vantage point, hehe) — and usually it refers to being in a pose that the male submissive and his Domina BOTH find incredibly arousing and a turn on.

And though I’ve written galore about this in all my books and manuals (some even have pictures!) – today I’ll do up a short post on what turns me on the most as a true male sub – and WHY.

Note that the “why” part may not apply to YOU as a true male sub – then again, it might just. Feel free to write back with your “why’s” as well in case mine DOESNT apply!

So, if you’re a cuckold – or into cuckolding in general – what better vantage point then in front of your Master, with your sneering Mistress ordering you take his jeans off – then his underwear – and then of course, salivate at what comes next – a large shiny COCK – with a gleaming head preferably from all the pre-cum he’s been leaking!

And of course, don’t forget to take his shoes off – and his SOCKS – as he relaxes comfortably – preferably with your S.O. either kissing him – or fondling him – or best – sucking him off!

Or, in front of his cock as hes ready to finally cum, after a long, long fuck session – or BEHIND him, licking his ass he plows in and out of her, all the while servicing her as SHE deserves to be!

Or, and best, tongue in his ass as the final load is ready to erupt, or, and BEST – massage his P spot as he cums – to give him an out of the world, REAL MAN orgasm that he – and she – won’t forget in a while (and will make you do again, hehe).

All of this is such a turn not just because of the bodies, feet and COCKS involved – but because the mental dynamic focuses on your Mistress’s pleasure – and servicing her lover – so he can pleasure her MORE!

Let’s face it, folks. Girls don’t want to be the one constantly sucking cock to “turn him on again” – or licking ass – it’s far better for a sub to do those duties – and enjoy it too – so the alpha stud can get down to the real business of servicing your Woman!

And the sheer humiliation of it turns me on too – enough said!

For footboys out there, I’ve found the very best POV out there to be at her feet – seeing nothing but soles and eyes (on occasion) and hearing her commanding voice issue commands – as she relaxes either on the bed or couch – as it should be!

In the “Madam Krystal” series, I wrote a lot about “talking to her soles” – and thats how it should be, my friend – for true male subs!

Talk – and worship – the lowest parts of her body as they deserve to be – and make sure you do it right – as she deserves!

Nothing quite screams humiliation as being underfoot – and being made to enjoy it – I’m sure you get the picture!

For sissies, I’d say being dressed up as a sissy maid would be the ultimate turn on – both for the humiliation part of it – and for the servitude part of it.

For me, it would be the humiliation – and her, her friends – and preferably her lovers – witnessing me in a pink frilly dress, and laughing their backsides off while I stand there, humiliated, and ready to serve at the drop of a hat – or his pants – or her command!

I do up a version of this in the Indian Goddess series, of course …

The giantess and being crushed underfoot is another huge turn on for me. Die bitch, DIE!

Enough said, hehe.

And those, my friend – are some of my favorite POV’s and the “why’s” associated with them.

What are yours???

Write back and let me know!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Are cucks “gay”? Not in the least, my friend – despite what some folks think – men sucking other men off does NOT make you gay. It does however make you a true submissive in many regards – primarily to women, but also to men – but I’ll have more on that later. This is a hot topic for many – stay tuned!

P.S #2 – If cuckolding turns you on – – then THESE here stories will too – – The real, imperious and COMMANDING Princess Joanie features on the cover. Enough said!

P.P.S  – Ah, but lets face it, boy! You’re a faggot anyway, aren’t you? You know you love sucking dick – admit it! 

Hehe … 😉

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