“I love my foot fetish! It’s a part of me!”

Dear Reader,

Well, so as I was browsing my Twitter account this morning, I saw a tweet from a guy I’ve been exchanging messages with on Twitter.

Yes, THAT guy – the guy who was new to being locked up – and wasn’t quite certain how it would go – and whom I advised, to make a long story very short, to just “go with the flow”.

He did, and he seems to be enjoying his journey thus far, both from what he’s told me and his direct messages.

Going with, and living in the flow is something I greatly recommend for EVERYONE – not just fetish wise – but “life wise” as well.

Why not just allow your day to unfold “as is” for once? Why not simply “give in to your desire” and contact that lady you’ve been meaning to for a while?

Or – – why not simply let your date “unfold” without any added expectations or pressure on either party’s side?

Life, my friend, works a lot better when you’re in the flow – – and therefore having FUN!

This, by the way was exactly how I met the imperious Madam Ann – – a story I haven’t yet gotten around to completing due to my other commitments, but its certainly on the “to do” list! 

Anyway, so back to the title of this. This guy is finding out that his true desires – his true calling is in worshipping his Goddess, and he’s doing so – and he’s getting more and more comfortable with his “true calling” as time goes by.

This, my friend is KEY.

I’ve often been told to “forget my desires”.

“Forget that foot thing”, one of my prior girlfriends told me. “How can you get excited by someone talking down to you?”

My current S.O. even hauled me into counseling once such was that impact of my fetish upon our relationship. I was and still am NOT into having sex – – and she is – – and, well … you know the rest!

Funnily enough that guy was a therapist, but did NOT deal with fetish related issues. And his only advice was this “keep thinking about what turns you on and keep doing the thang”, hehe.

Anyway, this sort of thing is exactly why I offer my kink counseling services. I know that there are plenty of folks that are going through the exact same thing I am (either in their own mind or with their partners) and if there’s any way I can help – glad to!

Back on point – it’s key to acknowledge what you really feel comfortable with – and it’s also key to note that these desires won’t “go away” or “change”.

Most importantly, it’s also very important to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any form of SSC desire!

Lots of folks see fetish as being “abnormal” or “wrong” or even “something those other people do, but we don’t”.

And so forth, when it really don’t got to be that way.

There’s nothing wrong with being who are. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling happy with – and celebrating a part of your sexuality – your deepest, core desires if I might say so!

Of course, if you wish to fight it on the outside, feel free.

If you choose to let others “dictate” your sexuality to you (in terms of morality and “the norm” and other rot) – well – so be it.

But, always remember this one line …

“I’ve been drawn to them – attracted, more like. Like moths to a flame, whether I consciously tried or even thought about it”.

It’s going to happen anyway, my friend. Might as well be happy about it!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And yes, it’s always about HER! Madam Krystal, we haven’t met in a while – but I’m fairly certain we will down the line!

P.S #2 – The “Garima Madam” series is a great read for Indian femdom lovers … I haven’t written a lot about Indian femdom as of late – yet another item “to write” about!

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