Ruined Orgasms …

Dear Reader,

So, it was another one of those nights last night …

Nigh vivid dreams, so vivid that the hair on the back of my arms is still standing up – HOURS after the dream – well – not “hours” after, but a good one and half hour later, at any rate!

Given most people forget their dreams a few seconds after waking up, that’s something.

That is also another reason I WRITE down my dreams for the most part – especially those which have a very vivid and potent message.

I’m not going to get into dream details here, but let me suffice it to say that a) I was watching a movie in my dream – and reality (in the dream) played out EXACTLY the same way … and b) I received a “message” from an external source.

A source that was NOT “human” – a source that was external – a source that ONLY the subconscious (when properly activated) can pick up on – and a source that works in ways that belie disbelief, wonder – and require you to suspend the same in order to get these amazing messages. 

And now that we’re past the esoteric stuff, it might interest you to know that I woke up with a massive hard on.

It might also interest you to know that try as I might, I was UNABLE to keep said hard on in check. I didn’t touch it, of course – that is not my M.O. as you faithful readers know, but the bottom line?

Lust took over – and before I knew it, I was erupting – except it wasn’t an orgasm.

It was a ton of goo coming out, sure, but NOT as you’d expect in an orgasm, and each “ejaculation” (if I might call it that – though it wasn’t) – was PAINFUL!

Not painful as in excruciatingly painful, but painful as in BLUE BALLS painful – as in balls straining at the edge, and each load of cum just made the balls ache that much more!

I’ve spoken a lot about the benefits of ruined orgasms – both for the male and especially the female – and this was a nigh perfect example, given I’m “at attention” yet again an hour or so from that “ejaculation!” (I can’t call it an orgasm, hehe).

Now, it’s not been an “easy” few days for me in that regard, hehe. I’ve been encountering Princesses everywhere I go – and I think you recall me mentioning a business visit that was postponed a week or so ago?

Well, I “fought” tooth and nail to keep the visit at the scheduled date, but the Princess that arranged it was having none of it, and while a deft “scolding” was on the cards (which I got, by the way), business wise, it turned out that I was better off obeying the lady anyway, hehe.

I’m supposed to go on travel with her and her manager (another very interesting lady) – and just yesterday she informed me that …

There will be another Queen joining us on the trip!”

“Another one? Oh my …!”

“Yes, Luci” (giggle, giggle)

“Oh, you mean Madam Luci? Madam for me, and Luci for you” (embarassed, giggle)

“Hee hee hee, yes”

And when you take that in context of me being the customer – and them being the suppliers – and the fact that “customer is always king” – and the equally real fact that in this case I’m really not – hey – what can I say!?

We truly DO attract what we think about and believe in at the deepest levels and while that might be one of the messages the dream gave me, it’s something I’ve been saying all along anyway!

And of course over the last couple of days I’ve reunited with a lady I met a few years ago while working out – but with whom for whatever reason the conversation never really proceeded beyond “initial formalities” as it were, and we lost touch.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing this gorgeous damsel nigh every time I work out – at the least expected times, and I finally re-added her info and started talking to her – and sparks are flying or they seem to be, at any rate.

And her name?

Well, I’ll let you guess. It starts with S … and there is only ONE other lady I’ve met thus far (other than Princess Joanie, of course) with whom the sparks (dominant-submissive!) flew with such alacrity from the minute I started really talking to her.

No, it’s not the indomitable Sophia Bai … it’s Su … and NO, it’s not THAT Su … but … it might as well be!

This lady carries an umbrella with her wherever she goes. Her skin, you see is too important to be touched by the “cruel sun” – and of course, her hands are too good to actually CARRY said umbrella … 😉

A long time ago, I carried umbrellas galore for Madam Carol – her of the lovely, soft feet, and she tutored me on how to “angle” the umbrella to protect her skin from the “changing position” of the sun’s rays!

Chinese ladies are nothing but uber careful about their skin … and back to Su, I was having a conversation with her the other night.

“What are you doing, Su?”, I casually asked.

“I’m in the supermarket!”

“Very good!” I replied, with the obligatory giggle. “Enjoy your shopping!”

“I’m talking to a diamond merchant”, I added on, simply because I was at the time (and that’s another one of those coincidences – I’ve been looking for diamond suppliers,  and I believed I’d find one – and one mysteriously added me out of the blue the other day!).

“Do you want to buy me a diamond”, came the pat response!

This only after we’ve been chatting for a couple of days, and needless to say, it made that erection even harder …

She’s the most beautiful. She doesn’t really like housework, but she does it. She prefers relaxing jobs, and she has backaches at night … And, of course, she’s extremely demanding if you get past the initial formalities!

All in all, a perfect replica of Madam Pearl who I was lucky enough to serve a few years ago. Will it proceed this with way with Madam Su?

Will I end up meeting Ms. Chen “in real life”? (that’s another story there!)

So much going on – so little time to post about it – but for you femdom faithful out there – I’ll be sure and keep you posted!

For now though, it’s adios, and back to “heel” with me, hehe.


Mike Watson

P.S. – Don’t forget to read about Madam Pearl right here –

P.S #2 – And of course, this wouldnt be complete without a mention of Princess Joanie – and how she’s the most natural humiliatrix (and findom lover!) I’ve ever come across! – –

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