“Behind every successful man, there is a woman”

I noticed a woman Miss Lee posting the above on her WeChat timeline.

Now, this is something we’ve all heard i.e. a woman behind every succesful man – and these days (if you look at someone like perhaps VP harris, a man behind every successful woman!).

To be honest though, most of the most successful men Ive known – or that you read about?

They’re hardly what you’d call family men.

All usually divorced – some multiple times.

And all with huge sexual appetities – no matter what their kink might or might not be.

As Napoleon Hill rightly said in Think and Grow Rich … 

All successful men are highly sexed!

He spoke about this a lot in the Chapter on sexual transmutation, and how men really start to succeed post age 40 (prime picking for Goddesses like Princess Joanie, hehe, although I just looked at a50 plus Gong Li today, and I’d drop down and worship HER any day too. Ravishing – all about the MIND!!!) because pre 40, they spend most of their energy “sowing their wild oats”.

While most people dont understand this Chapter in the book, it’s SO TRUE!

For those that live a life of chastity, and abstinence, you’ll know.

You’ll know the high energy levels you have all day, youll see how eager you are to please your “better half” (never equal, hehe) and being on edge, to be honest, is one of the best tools, if not THE Best to keep a male submissive and docile.

Ruined orgasms are a great place to start.

So is chastity – a natural follow on.

But it’s really SISSYGASMS – my friend – that really encapsulate what I thought of when I read the above!

Behind every successful man …



A women fucking him up the ass. Giving him sissy pleasure like NOTHING he’s ever experienced, and yet, he stays hard and horny despite multiple sissygasms!

Trust me, this does more than just enhance the submissive vibe.

This sort of thing was practiced upon kings in ancient China and India all the time to “increase their fertility and staying power”.

Speaking from experience?

It works -big time!

Of course, the sissy never actually gets to USE that staying power – hehe – and YES, you can program yourself to cum only via nipples – or sissygasms – if thats your thang!

But either way, the HIGH ENERGY levels – the “zero refractory” periods and what not make it not only all great “fun” – and humiliation – and everything fetish related, but it allows the male to pour his energy into his work, make money – and of course, come home to give it all to his wife or SO.


After all, isn’t that how it was supposed to be back in the day?

Caveman hunting and fighting amongst themselves for the best woman – and bringing home the bacon to the women!

And when you have women in charge that then take the bacon and use the men like disposables – well – all so much better!

And when we’re talking using, findom comes to mind. Hehe.

I’ve written enough about how Pearl did it.

But one of the true “tricks” a natural at this has, and she uses it without even knowing it?

Well, Princess Joanie for one.

I’d send her groveling odes to the tune of “Madam, your feet are so nice!”

“Madam, you have the best feet in Southern China!” 

“Madam, whats your foot size? 36?” 

“Madam … ” 

YES, That Joanie in the book – weaved a SPELL OVER ME WITH HER EYES!

(the lady on the cover is not her, but …!)

No woman has ever taken me for a loop like Princess Joanie did that night at 1 Am on Friday night (the story is in the book).

A must read for femdom and findom lovers, and I’m only getting warmed up – pun not intended.

But … as I finally got around to talking about foot sizes and shoes .. she said it bluntly. 

“You’re so polite!” 

(she meant I was groveling quite well. Hehe) 

And then … 

“You’re buying me some?” 


She just asked – out of the blue.

And she asked in a way that I would have complied anyway!

Madam Su, another lady (not the cuckoldress) I was once talking to posted something about diamonds on her social media, and being I knew she didnt wear ’em, I was curious about ’em and asked.

She evaded the question, of course.

Rule numero uno of femdom – she never needs to answer any questions, but you do  – BOY!

And then finally ..

(while acting like she had no clue of what I was referring to)

“Diamonds? You buying me some, right!” 


I hardly even knew her – this lady met me while working out, added my wechat and took off. Hehe. I dont even take my phone with me when I work out!

Anyway, I never did buy her those diamonds, I never did write a book on her.

I did give her free English classes though, look after her kids for “free” – while she went out to dinner.

I also did the laundry. Piles of it. She came home to find it hanging (no, she did NOT – I repeat, NOT ask me to do it).

Male underwear was there too, and I hung it so nicely …

And her giggle was the only acknowledgement she gave me, and … all I needed!

Paye Lagu, Madam!

You’re truly so nice!


Mike Watson

PS – More such real life femdom here – tales of Chinese femdom by Mike Watson. You, the femdom lover (either male or female) will LOVE THEM!

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