Girls with short hair, long fingernails. Ma’am, what an HONOR!!!!!!!


You’re such a PRINCESS!

I can almost see the creases on Madams tired, misshapen FEET – and soles!

But anyway, I was applying for a credit card this morning – or, well, I was going to the page to idly check it out (Mike Watson isn’t huge on credit cards) (I still remember a girlfriend in the US telling me “Good, baby!” – when yours truly canceled some of the 40 odd cards I thought fit to take on at that time!) …

And I saw a Goddess!

She’s almost Chinese, could be Indian – or Asian, from anywhere – mixed, actually!

Short hair, sexy eyes, sexy skin – and the FINGERNAILS, and “fair” forearms!

Is all I saw.

And the smile, with misshapen teeth.

And I just wanted to drop down and WORSHIP!

They’re all such Princesses and Goddesses!

Anyway, guys – lots of the dating or advice on women in general you hear is BS.

The MgTow guys have this about “when a woman asks you how many girls you’ve been with”.

“None of your business!” 

“Ask HER how many men she’s been with!” 

And of course, guys reply with that, and … !

“Do you call all girls Princess”, giggled a certain Madam I talk to. 

(oh and by the way, it is not just short hair on women I like. Sophia, that HAIR – long – and BIG GLASSES accentuating those STERN, school mistress EYES – OH MY! But each woman is so different, so differently DOMINATING!!!!) ..

“YEs, Ma’am, I call all women Princesses!”


“Ma’am, only you -no other girls, you know that!”


all BS, of course.

And if you, the reader, just copy and paste these lines you’ll get nowhere – as a certain (and many) Bozos have found out the “hard way” (not in a nice way).

It’s about vibes, the FEELING!

And women, my friend, are just all such Princesses, Queens and Goddesses!

I read about all these horrific crimes against women, I cannot wrap my mind around one thing – just WHY?

I mean, what do these idiots think?

Then again, psychopaths and woman haters in general, people like me will never understand their thinking, just their frustration, which SHINES THROUGH. Hehe.

Anyway, I’m talking to “my God!” (remember her? hehe) Madam Helen right now, and I just saw her friend with short hair too!

So I’m out.

And I’ll be back soon!

And if (and YES this applies to a lot of YOU reading this) you’re nigh frustrated at not being able to find the dominant lady of your dreams despite your nigh best efforts, well, time to “drop the pencil now”. Hehe.

Learn from the true master at it by investing in the only course of it’s kind out there HERE.


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, rewards program up too!

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