The ONCE IN A LIFETIME! “I’ll match it” offer!

BIG NEWS – Sir, Ma’am, or footboy, as the case might be – or even footgirls! Hehe.

Whatever floats your boat – and to honor ALL Of you, without exception, I’m doing something I ain’t never done before – I’m THROWING THE GATES WIDE OPEN!

TODAY – and only for TODAY ie until the END OF Jul 28th – you get your purchase MATCHED BY ME.

What does this mean?

Essentially, and this is only for today, if you buy something from us TODAY – no matter how big or small – we’ll MATCH the amount!

If you buy $19.99 worth of products, you’ll see a credit for the corresponding amount in your site wallet.

$100 – ditto.

$200 – ditto!

And so forth.

And this amount can be used for future purchases on the site – no “rules” on that.

Further, EVERY next purchase made using your Site Wallet gets an automatic 10$ discount as I’ve already said – so many times!

Not enough people have listened tho apparently, I dont know why – whats wrong with an extra 10% off simply for using Site Wallet?

Beats me. Hehe. Pun not intended!

But anyway, this also means – essentially – that if you buy one of our books (por ejempelo) – the next one is “on the house” if it’s the same value.

Higher value, just add the requisite amount to your wallet, and youre set!

But this offer is ONLY VALID for today, friend. 

So if I were you, Id jump on it NOW. 

And thats what I gotta say. BAck soon!

Best (and no, money in wallet cannot be withdrawn to bank or any other source – I dont know why you’d want to, but before you ask!),

Mike Watson

PS – Offer ends Jul 28 2021 end of day – jump on this NOW.

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