Think – attract – and then SERVE!

Dear Reader,

The title of this email should come across as no surprise to regular readers of this list. I’ve often spoken about attracting what you really believe in at your very CORE – and today’s note will expound more on this.

A few days ago, yours truly was searching for a few contacts on his Wechat. I’ve recently switched phones and ended up losing Madam Su’s contact – as well as Princess Joanie’s.

I have the phone numbers, of course, but I’m talking their online ID’s etc.

So I started the search … and I looked in places I’d never have normally – and presto – without even THINKING about it consciously – I found Madam Su’s contact a few days later – at a time I was NOT searching for it actively and in a place I’d never imagine I’d find it.

Wondrous are the ways indeed of the Universe – if you only set those ways into motion with your thinking and a deep seated belief! 

I’ve often been asked how I’ve had so many femdom experiences with Chinese ladies, and continue do so. How I gathered all the info I put together in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – and my other manuals.

The answer is many pronged, of course, but it all starts with the thinking, my friend.

Your THOUGHTS – your innermost and repeated thoughts are what you really attract.

If you’re “wanting” to attract femdom, but don’t really believe in, chances are you’ll never ever really attract the right lady – and if you do, it probably won’t work out.

Other hand, if femdom thoughts are there in your mind all the time, even when you don’t “consciously” think they are – well – femdom is what you’ll attract – and a lot of it!

This holds true for anything in life, of course. If you truly think and believe in an abundant life – that is what you’ll attract!

Same thing holds true with regard to the opposite. If you’ve been told all your life that money is bad – or that “attracting money easily” isn’t good – well, chances are your struggling right about now and are NOT attracting what you want in financial terms.

So in terms of femdom, and finding the right lady – it all boils down to this – your thinking. 

I’ve often attracted ladies from all across the globe – people I never knew existed – and the minute I saw their profile picture, I knew it was “meant to happen”. 😉

It’s that vibe – that feeling – that …ah, but you get the point!

This morning I woke up with deep seated thoughts of sucking a dick – a big, black dick at that.

Ever since Madam Su has been gone, I haven’t really done this a lot – or at all, to be honest, but I still remember the shiny smooth texture of that black cock.

The smooth black skin. The color contrast. The large muscular haunches, and the asshole willing to be worshipped … before he allowed me to kiss his cock head, with Madam Su sneering on with a mixture of adoration, lust and dominant vibe – all in equal measure!

I have no doubt I’ll be with Su again at some point if I really want – and once I am, it’ll be more of what I mentioned above. 😉

So last, but not least, remember that ATTRACTING isn ‘t enough. It’s what starts the process, but once you attract, you still have to DO the thing.

Your thoughts start the process – but once you meet the dominant lady of your dreams, waste no time in telling her exactly what it is you want – crave (after you get to know her, of course!). Chances are that  if you’re thinking the right thing at your very core you’ll find yourself at her feet at no time – and you’ll remain there a long time as well!

Think servitude – attract servitude. Think female dominance – attract it in all it’s shapes, forms and guises. 

It’s really as simple as that!


Mike Watson

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