Lick his ass first!

Dear Reader,

A few moons ago, I was with Madam Su … you remember her, don’t you?

If you can’t satisfy me in bed, I’ll have other men … but you can’t have other girls! 

The one lady that I’ll always remember no matter what – and it isn’t so much the lovely long legs – or the various hues, shapes and sizes of cocks she preferred – sometimes multiple cocks at one time, all night long – but her thinking!

If you recall correctly, that was the first thing (or one of the first things) she said to me upon chatting with me online – and if that in itself isn’t a testament to how VIBES are what it’s really about, then I don’t know what is!

So there I was in front of her and her lover, his juicy cock dangling in front of me, so far yet so near, his manhood starting to rise, his tumescence starting to swell in that ever so sexy manner, and the head, that lovely smooth black cock head right in front of me, with Su staring STRAIGHT at me in that lovely, dominant and most erotic manner!

Go ahead, boy! You know you want to kiss it before sucking it! 

Truer words were never thought (at that point, at least!) – albeit not said, but words aren’t necessary at the best of times, as I’ve often said in my writings.

And as I leant forward to start worshipping that lovely cock of his, she stopped me, as he laughed.

“Not so quickly, boy! Show him you deserve it!”, she cackled, patting my head as  you might a pet dog.

I was so infused with lust at the time that I didn’t know what to say, except gaze at that wondrous juicy schlong in front of me – and this of course turned her on even more!

“Lick his ass first, boy!” 

Now this wasn’t the first time I had licked another man’s ass – but it was certainly the first time I had done so when commanded by a Dominant lady … and as I stuck my tongue deep, deep inside his crevice, probing and searching, flicking and teasing, he moaned in pleasure, and I instinctively took my tongue and slid it across his perennial region, lapping his balls as I did so …

This, by the way is one of the most erotic things you can do to a male.

Many years ago, and I believe I wrote about this in Sin City Diaries – Volume #1 – I had this done to me, and I still remember the look on relief on the lady’s face when it was obvious I was going to kiss her feet after she rimmed, and not have sex with her!

Those experiences were all “once in a lifetime” experiences, and a must read – and if you haven’t already – grab the book right here – – but for now … remember that the test of a true cuckold isn’t necessarily how well he sucks dick or his love (or hate) for it – but how well he SERVES!

It’s all about serving her – and her love for cock.

And it’s all about serving HIM – and making sure he’s as turned on as ever … but not necessarily because he likes it. It’s because that cock can then service her multiple times as she deserves, and that’s what it’s really all about.

And to me, if it involves licking his ass and balls – I’d love to do it, and I enjoyed doing it the first time Su made me do it – though I must admit, that massive cock plunging in and out of her as she screamed in sheer bliss was what I loved the most – and this was of course one of the bedrocks on which that particular relationship was built!

It’s all always about serving her – and her lovers – and that’s what true servitude – and being a true cuckold – is all about!


Mike Watson

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