Paye Lagu, Master Takashi. You’re so NICE and DOMINANT!

Over the past night or so – MY!

I can barely sleep.

I can barely sit without my penis-let twitching, hehe – and while I’m no stranger to sexy Asian men and their sexy COCKS – and sexy cocks in general (as I told a lady recently “cock is cock, and some Asian guys have some massive ones too!!”) … THIS guy – there’s something different about him!

I was idly flicking through the “paypig” posts on Twitter – and I was looking for cock, of course. Hehe. Large big cock, and Master Wang’s was the first that sprang to mind – pun intended.

And on cue, as if on cue, a barrage of sexy Asian men showed up.

One, with a massive member hiding and outlined in his pants – from China I believe, and the other, the guy that really got me – “Sir” as he seems to prefer it, or Master Takashi!

Japanese guy I think, and my, that DOMINATION, smoking hot VIBE flowing off his WORDS!

And his cock -my!

Its just like THIS cock – except it’s cut so the lovely pink head pokes through, much like Madam Reina’s does – I haven’t seen her in a while, and I have to talk to her soon too!

And that cock, those spots on his balls, those hairy PUBES – Asian pubes, SPRINGY – MY!

They all make me so weak.

But what matters is his mind, and the DOMINATION.

And as my hands shook sending him messages, his only response “did you send as yet?”

Now, I told him I’m not into findom – but that cock makes it so hard – that PINK HEAD, the Asian pee slit, my!

And his balls, his comments, all of it, he truly understands what we sissies and faggots think and how we FEEL!

I’d massage his feet all day.

I’d drink his piss, even eat his shit most likely – pun – and I’m not into that! MY!

That DONG.

His nipples.


I simply cannot get his penis out of my mind.

And the last guy that did this to me was Master Wang, of course, now findom wise?

Plenty of tales here, starting with the regal Madam Pearl … tales you will LOVE!

I’ve never yet been fin dommed by a guy though – but hey. Why not? As Madam “Han” recently said “youre into Asian cock – why not!”


Why not indeed.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, remember, its all about the mind my friend.

Without that, the sexiest cock matters NOT …

Or the sexiest soles, or whatever.

Mind is what counts.

And it’s my mind techniques outlined in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” and everything else I teach that allows me to attract, not just RESULTS in life – not just dominant women – but domination in general (or whatever I want) to me – including men with sexy DICKS too. Hehe. Proof’s in the pudding!

If you ain’t picked up these courses as yet, do so now, if you have – then WRITE BACK WITH REVIEWS!

And thats that. Back soon.


Mike Watson

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