The difference between HITTING the SPOT – and .. TEASING IT! (and the PLEASURE from both) .. and…

… and, well, a mistake everyone – most people – make – when either having SEX – the regular way, or with sissies – or, implementing sissygams on your lonesone – like with nipplegasms, thats one of the “prime” – no pun intended Amazon, hehe – benefits of these methods – you can do it SOLO too, far more pleasurable than “masturbation” if you get my drift (for men) …

And this mistake is this – much like people TUG the nipples, forcefully “squeeze the man tits” – and so forth – much like people violently bob their heads up and down cock (like is shown in porn – “oh so desperate”) – they go ALL The way in.

Dont get me wrong.

Hitting the G spot when having regular sex is GREAT.

Hitting the P spot – even better!

But if all you do is hit the P spot, then yes, you get pleasure – but youre taking away from the teasing and flirting that bring even more pleasure!

When you have regular sex, you “pull in and out” slowly, dont you to give Madam more pleasure?

Speaking of which – as far as Madam Palak who I wrote about in the last email – if she just stays on her laptop in that PROFOUND pose, I’d be a virgin for her all my life, while the prostitutes laugh at me. Hehe. That they did a lot of in China – Sin City Diaries for more on that!

Madam Palak, Paye lagu, madam … JI!


Anyway – the same applies to sissygasms my friend.

It’s the gentle probing of the anal passage that really gets things going – ALONG with nipple play – and everything else.

You gently push in and out as I mention so many times in Sissygasm Central, even when you go all the way in, you flirt with the P spot!

Now, there will be times – especially with COCK in you – when the man is so randy he will BANG you – and you’ll not only get the ab workout of your life while on your stomach – trust me on this one! (Sissy Workouts for more – and also how to PREPARE yourself for such things optimally) – but you’ll FEEL like a real woman with waves of unbearable pleasure, if there is such a thing, passing through your entire body, you wont be able to stop shuddering!

But thats different, the dick head hitting the P spot … Even with dicks, dildos – or fingers on your lonesome – the max and most intense sexual experience (pleasure) comes from going in and out, not necessarily all the way in all the time!

You’ll see what I mean when you get started on the techniques in Sissygasm Central, dont EVEN get me started at the point where you’re able to take TWO cocks up you .. MY! WHAT PLEASURE!

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