I just saw Princess Joanie!

Oh my! I almost dropped down to my knees today there in the park, and even said it out loud.

“Hey, that’s Princess Joanie!”

And as a surge of utter “submission fueled” lust overcame me I was left almost spent, but not really . . .

. . . it was like she had RETURNED.

From a long, long hiatus, and while Princess Joanie -Volume #1 makes NO mention of the Princess leaving me, she did (not because she wanted to, but because of circumstance, much like the Indian Goddess I’ve written so much about! ?) and ultimately returned, but I have NOT put any of that down on paper.

What I have put down on paper of course is the first book.

And Cuck Central. That white and black dress, and those lovely striped plain TENNIS SHOES, and her SOLES, so alluring for a true cuck!

Because they’re Princess Joanies! ?

And of course, Humiliation Central, and those are HER feet on the cover my friend (and if you’re talking the hardcover book, those are HER friends, the SAME friends mentioned in the book, the SAME people I met in Guangzhou, the same people whose feet I groveled at in PUBLIC, but ah . . . I’m giving too much away aren’t I?).

But anyway, I saw another girl of the exact same height as Joanie today, and the same long black hair.

And the same friend somewhat shorter than that, with long black hair (well, another girl that looked like that!).

And oh my.

As I saw the shoes, the SAME shoes Joanie loves so much and that I licked clean so many times, I was left wondering if this was a sign from the Universe.

We recently moved to a new server, and barring a few issues, it went swimmingly well.

And I wrote back to the sales guy in charge of the whole thing that “perhaps this was meant to be!” ?

And perhaps the Universe agrees.

From showing me numbers such as a 60666 (as confirmation codes) to sending me messages via flying birds (yes, this may seem hard to believe for the non-esoteric amongst you) . . . and today seeing the Princess again, or the closest equivalent . . .

. . . it’s a sign for sure.

And on that note, I’m out. Paye Lagu, Madam Ji,and on that note, remember to pick up Cuck Central right HERE!


Mike Watson

PS – Have a gander at all our Chinese femdom books right HERE.

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