The “Yes, Ma’am!” affirmation

Dear Reader,

Something I’ve made a habit of doing – and something that works very well for me indeed is an old trick that I learned a long time ago from one who is truly a “Master of the game” – a trick that speeds up the process of achieving one’s goals ad infinitum – and more than you ever could by sheer dint of will power.

There are a few books that I’d literally classify as being LIFE CHANGING for me, and while “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is one of these books – and a fairly well known one, there is another “oldie but goodie” which is oft ignored and forgotten.

That being, the Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol – a book which deals with BELIEF and goes on to state, rightly so – that belief, and solid, pure, firm, unwavering BELIEF in any cause or thought or goal is ultimately what causes manifestation of said goal.

‘Tis true my friend – and it holds true for all areas and aspects of life – femdom INCLUDED!

And the only way to achieve this true state of belief – or to convince the subconscious, in other words is repeated firm thoughts – and affirmations mixed with BELIEF and EMOTION – done so ad infinitum until the goal manifests, or even after that!

As Bristol correctly noted in his book — and as you SHOULD note as well – –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to BELIEF – and once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to HAPPEN”.

In “Cuck Central” I write about the importance of convincing the subconscious in terms of cuckolding TRULY being what one or both partners want – and this is one of the main keys, more so than the tips themselves given in the book.

Your subconscious is what rules your life, my friend – the thoughts and beliefs you hold deep down inside of you – who you really are at your CORE once everything “outer” is stripped away – is really what you are – and who you are – and what you manifest in your life – femdom included!

And the affirmations are something I do daily in terms of my goals – and femdom?

Yes, sir – there too – or should I say “Ma’am”? 😉

EVERY day without fail, without even thinking about it I’ll either look at pictures of ladies while writing my books and manuals – or perhaps see gorgeous ladies on the road – or, if it’s a day spent entirely at home, just see them in my mind.

But EVERY TIME I see ’em, it’s natural for me to say (either silently or loudly) “Yes Ma’am!” and mentally salute – or kneel – or silently leave the “room” with eyes downward!

EVERY TIME I see a lady, I make a note to tweak my nipples thereafter (privately, of course) if just to remind me that actual sex is NOT my prerogative – it’s HERS – my only purpose is to serve and worship her – at her ass, feet and armpits sexually – and her beck and call otherwise!

And as I think along these lines, it’s another “Yes Ma’am”, or “Paye Lagu, Malkin!” that I utter to myself – and I’m done – and this dins in the fact – my submissiveness and self denial DEEPER into my subconscious each time I do it.

It’s already a part of me, of course, but I do it anyway – because it’s so enjoyable – and all this being said, is it any wonder I’m manifesting female dominance without even TRYING?

As I said before, it’s like moths being attracted to a flame!

Anyway, I’m well aware that there are those that will “pooh pooh” this suggestion as being too esoteric or “out there” – and for those folks I have this to say – TRY IT – and then get back to me!

And if you don’t want to try it – well, be my guest there as well. I can only take the horse to water, as the Chinese say, but I can’t make it drink!


Mike Watson

P.S. – By the way, this tip is not included in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – but I might include it in future editions! For now though, remember that I’ve got plenty of practical and WORKABLE tips in that book – – so if you’re still searching for the right dominant lady of your dreams, well, this is a book you’ll definitely want to read – once, twice, and then many times after that! Here is that link for you –

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