More on Indian Goddesses – and the color SILVER

Dear Reader,

So, plenty of dreams again last night … and I woke up to TWO things this morning. 

One, the song “Eye of the Tiger” from the movie Rocky III.

Two, for whatever reason, a lovely Indian lady – a bonafide Goddess, if I may – a lady I had seen years ago, as well as (by chance) a few weeks ago popped straight into my consciousness — along with that “knowing, dominant” look in the eye – and the silver nailpolish she uses on her long, slender fingers and toes!

The subconscious truly DOES remember everything we have ever seen since we were born! 

Anyway, both these “results” from the various dreams I had last night (sometimes the dreams are so vivid that I’ll wonder if I’ve even slept at all – and / or if the dreams are REAL – believe me, there was a time last night I woke up and looked outside the window to see if the dream was “real” or not!).

Back on topic – – many years ago, I was working a sales job in the northern part of India, and I used to wear dress shirts (sort of) and jeans to work.

That was a long time ago, of course. I no longer work for an employers, and haven’t for years – – but back on point, so those shirts (and occasionally the jeans) would need to be ironed.

At that time, the custom in the part of town I was living in was to give the clothes to the local “washerman” or “washerwoman” (or family!) who’d either wash/dry/iron your clothes, and return them for a fee – – or simply iron them and return them to you for the appropriate fee.

Yes, quite different from what most of us are used to in the West or would even prefer, but thats India for you. A country that’s never quite really modernized, and probably never ever will in many regards, but anyway, so I’d give my clothes to this nearby lady to iron.

I’d wash and dry them myself. I’d iron ’em too, but for some reason I’ve always hated ironing so …

While the older lady I gave my clothes too was pleasant and nice enough on the outside, it was probably the VIBE that she gave off that attracted me to her.

And that was the dominant, “high and mighty” vibe, of course – – along with “that look in the eye”! 

Oh, MY – one LOOK at her, and you could tell that was a family (the entire family would work at it) where the MOTHER was the boss, and rightfully so – and in a very “sexy” manner indeed!

Tall and statuesque, and walking with that slight sway in her hip as it were … it almost seemed SHE was the boss at times when I gave her my clothes, and this feeling was magnified when I saw her daughter one fine day, who was working with them at the time.

She was probably in her early twenties, and would often wear a lovely white “salwar kameez” (traditional Indian garb) … and would often, nay, usually have her fingers and toes painted SILVER.

And of course, she was just as dominant as her mom, perhaps MORE so!

One day, she came up to my house to return my clothes, and I paid her in loose change, and I’ll always remember that look she gave me, a sly, KNOWING look – a look full of “unsaid” derision if that makes sense!

A look that quite plainly said,

I’m worth far more than this loose change, BOY! I’m the real boss here, and don’t you ever forget it! 

And those slim fingers topped off by her silver nailpolish stuck in my mind, and I’m not ashamed to admit that SHE – along with her lovely mom – was the subject of many a fantasy – and a “jerk” (back when I still did it!) for me – and extremely enjoyable ones at that!

I saw her the other day – and she seems to be married now, but the look in her eyes hasn’t gone away – if anything, it burns stronger, and it was ALL I could do to stop myself looking directly at her feet – – but then again, judging from the dismissive haughty way she looked at me (out of the corner of her eye) – it seems she already knew!

Vibes, vibes, and vibes … and on that note, a “mother daughter” role play scenario is always one that has turned me on immensely, for that matter. 

A servant owned in totality by a dominant lady, and being forced to serve her younger and equally or more so dominant daughter – – and sometimes together, in the most humiliating manner possible!

I once had a dream about pressing an older woman’s feet while she slept comfortably as I was very uncomfortably “perched” on the edge of the bed, her feet and legs carelessly thrown in my lap, squishing my “privates” as it were.

And I’d rub, and rub, and as the night went on, she’d sleep comfortably.

And suddenly her daughter appeared out of nowhere, barefoot, wanting to discuss something.

She ignored me completely and made for her mom – – but then she saw she was sleeping, and acknowledge me with an imperious glance and …. and a raised eyebrow, and a lovely forefinger pointed STRAIGHT at me – – and then dismissed me without a word!

I don’t know if it’s the fact the younger lady was years younger than me that really turned me on, or the innate dominance with the TWO ladies, but it sure was a roleplay that I loved – – and that I’ve done “way way back in the day” with the lovely Aa Ling, and her mother (albeit in a more sexual manner at that time).

Anyway, I’ll talk more about the ladies above in a future post — there is PLENTY to talk about there, for sure! Maybe tomorrow …

And on parting note, why is the color SILVER so incredibly sexy? Along with white dresses??

I’ve written about this in “Krystal the teaching Assistant“, and plenty of other stories. Red is my own personal favorite, of course, but there is SOMETHING incredibly erotic about the silver/white combo on ladies – – especially when they’re nigh dominant, and especially when it’s combined with darker/tanned skin as it was in all those instances!

Anyway, that’s enough for now. There’s a couple of hidden tips in there too – – see if you can find ’em!


Mike Watson

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