Ass worship – and why it can be such a huge turn on!

I wrote about a lady that I chanced upon online yesterday – a lady that reminded of the regal Madam Pearl – in a far, far more direct way than any other ladies have.

(Btw, I haven’t heard from Pearl after a while. I do know she returned to her native Hunan province, but I haven’t heard from her since – so if you’re reading this, Madam, your “servant” misses you – – a LOT! ;)).

Anyway, this lady posted some pics of her in a bikini on her blog.

Nothing spectacular, or even out of the ordinary, but as I’ve said before – VIBES don’t need a reason – or a logical one at that – to communicate themselves, and much as I was “smitten” the minute I saw this lady’s face – – ’twas the same when I saw her in a bikini – – though NOT for the reasons you’d imagine.

It wasn’t because of the skin show – or the “skimpy” attire – – or anything like that.

It was two things – three, actually.

One, her lovely feet on the sand – – and an image of her ENJOYING herself to the fullest as she deserves. This brings back shades of Princess Joanie who’d do precisely the same thing with her subs money as she traveled to various places that SHE wanted to – at the sub’s expense, and looked – and ACTED more ravishing every time she did so! 😉

Second, her feet themselves. While her feet are slightly smaller than Pearl’s, they are no less gorgeous – – and her red nailpolish is to be seen to be believed – for me, at least!

Yes, yes, I know – enough of the vibes already you might say!

And before I tell you the third thing – nah – she’s not “young” by the looks of it either. So much for traditional rules etc when it comes to vibes.

I’ve mentioned before that somewhat “older” ladies have this delicious dominant vibe to them (that they may not even be aware of) that younger ladies cannot match – and ’tis a truism, my friend.

The third thing, you ask?

Well – her ASS! 

She’s got a gorgeous bottom – – one that she terms as not exactly what most models have. As in, she’s somewhat on the bigger side by her own admission – but certainly not that big – at least as far as I can tell (and believe me, I’ve got standards in that regard too! ;)).

All in all, it’s a picture of lady that takes care of herself – but isn’t overly concerned about what she looks like so long as she does what she can to stay in shape – and a lady COMFORTABLE in her own body, which to me is the sexiest thing about it all.

Some of the “happiest” (pun intended – and not!) moments in Mike Watson’s life have been when his nose was buried deep, deep inside an ass – most often a female ass at that. 😉 

When I could barely breathe. When all I could do in terms of talking was utter out a few strangled sort of sounds as the girl giggled on in pleasure, ecstasy and amusement – all in equal parts!

I care not if it’s Garima Madam – – or Madam Krystal – – or even Madam Aa Ling’s mother – – ALL the experiences have been equally gratifying from a submissive standpoint – and judging by the reactions I got, the SAME was the case for the ladies involved (especially Madam Aa Ling’s mom – that was a new experience for me too in terms of the dynamic! ;)).

I’ve often thought about why ass worship is also a perfect act to indulge in if you’re a submissive.

And while there are plenty of reasons, one major reason I can think of is this – the ass – and by extension the asshole is literally the body’s “sewer” (although one with plenty of nerve endings ;)).

Worship that, and you truly worship the ground she stands on – – and the “chair” she sits on – or farts on – or … well, but you get the drift!

Not only that – ass worship can be extremely pleasurable for the recipient if done right. Believe me, I know this for a fact – I’ve been on both sides of the coin here, and “getting rimmed” has always been something I’ve enjoyed immensely.

Madam Pearl LOVED this, of course. Every night I’d “press her lower back and legs” – and then as she’d drift off to sleep, I’d often service her asshole – – and she’d utter oohs and ahhs of sexual delight as she slipped further and further into sleep.

Not only that -I’d kiss her butt cheeks repeatedly over and over again, along with her somewhat “fat” (according to her) upper thighs – but heck – they didn’t seem fat to me at all. They seemed gorgeous – a Goddess’s legs if there ever were any!

Believe it or not, there were nights she did not want vaginal worship – it was only the ass I was supposed to tend to – and with a raging hard on at that!

And thats the second thing.

The vagina is usually associated with pleasure – both for the male and the female, and being allowed to access that area automatically takes you a step above being “allowed to access her ass and feet (and perhaps armpits too!;))”

And yes, most women love getting head – for hours on end – but still – – nothing quite beats what a S.O. of mine had me do (and still does) – – which is to alternate between ass and vagina until I can literally “see” nothing else before my eyes – and feel no other smell in my lungs!

Until  my fingers are sore from … yes, I’m not allowed to penetrate her, of course. 😉

And the third thing?

Well, the bottom is one area most ladies are concerned about when it comes to overall look and appearance.

Not everyone is into the “big booty” look as it were – – and the ass is often times an area most women would LOVE to tone up upon and are conscious about (believe me – I’ve got a fitness biz – so I know this for a fact!).

And if you’ve got a sub literally WORSHIPPING not only the “sewer” of your body – – but also a part your not that comfortable with – – or that you think might not be your best part by far? 

Well, that dynamic by itself takes the submissiveness – and by extension, her natural dominance to another level altogether!!

So that’s my three reasons for the day on this one (and of course, three odes to the lovely pictures “Jesi” posted). If you can think of any others – let me know – shoot me an email or comment here – – and I’ll feature them in future blog posts if they hold merit!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Ass worship, by the way is not mentioned specifically (well, not as a bullet point) in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – but not because it is not required. It’s because that manual is less of a “sexy” manual – and more of a practical, to -do manual BEFORE things get hot! And if you’ve been unable to find the dominant lady of your dreams as yet, it’s a must read for you, my friend. Here is where you can grab the little gem – –

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