“You’re like a modern day yoda …”

Dear Reader,

Ok, so I was just chatting with a dude on Twitter – a guy I’ve mentioned on here before, and a guy whose recently started to experience the many benefits of chastity and being “owned” (well, he’s starting out, at any rate, and it all seems to be going swimmingly well for him).

And as I was chatting back and forth with him today about how well he’s adjusted to NOT having “vanilla” sex – or sex at all for that matter, hehe – he made the above comment.

“You’re like a modern day yoda with your wisdom and advice of fetish experience!”

Mucho thanks and appreciation, my brother – and hang in there – it’ll only get BETTER!

Now why do I bring this up?

Well, first off, to say that “vanilla” sex isn’t all that it’s amped up to be. In fact those that claim that sex starts – and ends, for the most part in the BRAIN are spot on.

Give me an interesting and kinky relationship ANY day over a boring “wham bam thank you Ma’am” (or the opposite equivalent) “vanilla” sex life.

Heck, I’ll go so far as to say that sex is not even half as satisfying as it should be without an open mind – or without the element of kink added into it.

And believe me, we ALL have this “kinky” side. We may or may not acknowledge it – but whether we do or not (and we should!) – it’s THERE – and THAT is what really makes YOU tick in bed, my friend.

‘Tis a fact, but what is ALSO a fact is that this very factor sometimes causes major issues in relationships.

It’s all well and good, for example, for me to be telling you to be open with your partner about your desires – and go kinky or not at all, but what if your partner isn’t open to this?

Worse, what if it turns into an emotional issue, and she (or he – yes, it’s NOT just women that are at fault here!) – doesn’t even want to discuss/acknowledge the topic in a mature manner like adults should?

I know how that feels.

I’ve been in relationships where the mere mention of sex escalated into “shouting” contests – and “it’s always you” battles (even though it honestly wasn’t) – so I can relate.

That’s pretty much why I offer kink counseling as part of my “services” on this site. Sure, my own experience (15 plus years) dealing with kink and kinkiness has given me plenty of experience – but what I’ve ALSO experienced is how to resolve (or at least amicably work towards doing so) issues related to this in relationships.

And believe me you, it’s far more of a problem than folks would admit.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of those reading this newsletter will be silently nodding their heads on this one …

…. Right. I thought so.

But here’s the thing- sweeping an issue under the rug doesn’t make it go away. Best to address it, and do so professionally, and this “modern day Yoda” is happy to help you in this regard if you so choose.

Here is the page if you’re so inclined – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/kink-therapy/. I’ll have to update it with a custom form one of these days, but for now, simply shoot me an email and we’ll go from there.

On another side note, I’ve also been called a “Modern day Gandhi” – even though Gandhi is NOT a person I admire for various reasons.

What next?

A modern day foot boy? A modern day cuck (whose outwardly perhaps even more “alpha” than the bull)?

A modern day “kinkster”? Fetishist? Sub?

Heck, there’s tons of labels I could come up with – but the only one label I’d choose (and I ain’t a fan of labels, as y’all know!) is “someone who likes to have FUN – and keep it SSC – with an open bent of mind!”

That’s really all it boils down to – and that’s really it should all BE about!

Ok, my friend – that’s it for now. I’m off to partake of some chores, and I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Madam Pearl would agree fully about it being “fun” – especially when she was getting me to buy her dresses, trinkets, and other things without really trying! She was a little hesitant to enter into this sort of relationship initially, but like ALL the other Chinese women I’ve been with – once she was in – boy did she take to it like a duck to water, hehe. I’ve chronicled some of my experiences with her right here in Submissive Musings – Volume #1– – enjoy!



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