“She’s directing! Great sneer on her face!”

Dear Reader,

So I came across a comment on my Twitter today (btw, my Twitter is a great one to follow as well if you’re currently signed up to my newsletters – it’s a lot easier to post pictures on social media than on email etc) commenting on one of my last posts about a sissy.

The picture in question was a lady with that look in her eye – that KNOWING look – cuckolding a man.

The black stud in question was lying down in bed – relaxed – comfortable – and the treasure (yes, it was – that long, sexy black cock!) between his manly legs was HARD – and erect – pointing skywards – as the lady forced her cuck’s head down the cock, forcing him to take all of it, while Sir (he looks so deliciously dominant as well!) looked on with a relaxed, yet amused – and oh – so – dominant look on his face!

And this brings me to a central point – one I’ve been making all along – ever since the inception of this site – and blog etc!

That being – true femdom is about little else than the VIBE, my friend.

I refer to it as the “look in the eye”. Some refer to it as a “sneer” – or a “Feeling”. But whatever you call it – you can certainly SENSE it – and once a true male submissive senses this, he KNOWS he’s in for the real deal!

And this holds true regardless of whether you’re a sissy sucking cock – for her – and HIM – or whether you’re into other aspects of femdom. True dominance – and submissiveness, for that matter just cannot be faked – and Princess Joanie is probably the very best example I could provide here!

A few years ago, I was “in between relationships”. as it were (a brief period as it turned out), and I was lying in bed – not quite ready to go to sleep.

I had had a great, great workout the preceding afternoon – so I should have just conked out and went to sleep – but I couldn’t.

Something was missing – and as my dick hardened, and I browsed through idly through my wechat “moments” feature (it’s a feature that matches you up with members of the opposite, or same, gender that are physically near you).

And as I browsed through the pictures on offer, I didn’t really see anything interesting, until …

…. until I saw HER.

Until I saw Joanie (as she later told me her name was) – Princess Joanie, as I started to call shortly thereafter, and INSTANTLY upon viewing that picture.

Now, there was nothing overly special about the picture. A layperson would probably look at it and say “oh, normal young Chinese lass”.

But a layperson is NOT the right person to ask when it comes to femdom!

The face itself was cute – and beautiful (more cute than the latter) – and the features were sharp, as Southern Chinese girls’s features tend to be – – but what stood out was the EYES.

Oh, my – those EYES – those knowing, conniving, DOMINANT – and confident EYES – and the dominant vibe hit me so darn hard that I would have been literally FLOORED if I wasn’t in bed already!

As it was, I added her on Wechat, expecting no reply – and went to sleep with a giant hard on.

And as usually happens when the RIGHT connection is made, she added me back!

Well, what happened after that is history, of course. I haven’t quite devoted a “Submissive Musings” manual to Princess Joanie as yet as I have Madam Pearl – but I might as well! Perhaps down the line, who knows …

“Madam, may I say something please?”

“You say!”

*shy face from me

“Madam, you have the most beautiful feet and soles ever! You’re a real Princess, Madam – you …”

And  I trailed off, at a loss for words – and what I was referring to was a picture on her social media – again, a seemingly normal picture for most.

It was Princess during a beach holiday – without a care in the world apparently – with her female friends – all with perfectly pedicured feet, toes painted the right shade of red …

Cute, Chinese feet – and lovely soles, oh, so lovely – – and it was all I could do not to drop down on my knees right THERE and then – – even though I hadn’t even met Princess Joanie as yet!

And before meeting her, of course, she vetted me thoroughly.

“Madam, what sort of shoes do you like best?”, I shyly asked.

And rather than reply directly, she said this.

“You buying for me??”

And we had known each other a sum total of two days at that time!

“Madam, I chose five pairs for you” (this after I chose shoes for her online, and sent the screen shots to her for her approval and ultimate choice”

“You’re buying summer shoes, boy! It’s almost winter now!”

And then, as if on an afterthought, and a “huff” …

“I don’t want shoes! I want a dress!”

And she proceeded to send me links for her favorite dress, and made sure to keep me “at bay” while I bought it – and even after!

Did I buy them?

Well, I bought both the shoes – – and the dress!

“Madam, I want to travel to your city, and give you the shoes in person”, I said.

“Actually, Madam, you’re such a Princess! I want to kneel in front of you, prostrate myself, and offer you the shoes – and then put them on your lovely feet – in public, Madam!”

And after I said that, even I felt a little embarrassed. After all, I knew for just a couple of days …

Her response, you ask?

A slight giggle, and a “satisfied” expression (again online).

She had hooked the fish – and she KNEW it all along – and proof was in front of her right now!

And if some of you are wondering whose pairs of feet are featured on the paperback cover of Humiliation Central – well – you can probably guess now!

A bit of a long email today I know – and I do apologize for that – but I just had to post about the “right connection”. If you’re a true male submissive – TRULY submissive – you’ll know as soon as it happens – and what you do after that?

Well, entirely up to you my friend!

And thats that for now. Be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – I’ll be coming out with Submissive Musings, Vol-3 shortly, so stay tuned. In the meantime though, be sure and check out Submissive Musings – Volume #1 – it features the gorgeous Madam Pearl and lots of findom – and foot worship – and HUMILIATION – and everything else in between (except my sissy clit, hehe) – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/submissivemusings/

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