Why Clay Burden in “Believe that, you’ll believe anything!” was an IDIOT

James Hadley Chase is one of my favorite authors. Racy, sensational, to the point …and he writes damn well. Realistic guy!

Lots of action, hot girls etc all without crossing the line over into PORNO.

Now, the point of me bringing him up isn’t his cock as you might think, hehe. I ain’t never seen it.

He’s probably passed on!

But anyway, point is … in one of his books “Believe that, you’ll believe anything“, we have Clay Burden, a mopey sort of man that is “stuck with a woman that turned out to be the exact opposite of what he thought she was when he met her” (sound familiar??) – and was “still in love with the other woman that left him”.

Does that sound familiar?

I bet it does. I haven’t even got started!

But he was a fool.

Two reasons.

First, because …his current wife “Rhonda” did something which I’d love!

She complained all day, and her main complaint!

My feet are hurting! I’ve been on them all day at the salon! 

She worked at a salon …

Oh my!

If I heard that, I’d be in paradise all day!

He complained about the dirty house etc, and her bitching about it.

I’d gladly ask her to bitch more!

And second reason? 

His “slinky Val”, his “love” … she was basically the SMART sort.

Hot and slinky, are most of Chase’s heroines (except Helga Rolfe, the lovely buxom “nympho”)…

And she was SMART.

She conned Burden into thinking something most would never ever think, simply by virtue of her “wiles”.


To women reading this, does THAT sound familiar?

I bet, bro!

I mean, Madam!

And two takeaways from all this.

One, Burden was an idiot for obvious reasons. And if you too are stuck with a situation like that in real life – well turn it to your advantage by following the tips HERE.

And two?

Well, most men are in the position of neither being able to find the right woman to dominate them, or ANY woman at all.

The one they like runs off because “the man has no money”!

Sound familiar?

does it HURT? 

well, it should. It’s true, boy! Money is the most important thing! 

But anyway, it’s not the “most” important thing as well.

THe mind, my friend, is what its about.

I’m no millionaire, but I’ve never had any trouble either attracting or keeping women!

Proof – well – you on this list know!

And my books etc should be further … hehe.

But I’m not here to convince the Bozos that never will, or those that won’t cough up a red cent for what is POTENTIALLY LIFE CHANGING INFO!

For those that will though, solve your problem via the tips HERE.

And that, my friend is that.

Goddess Rhonda, I so wish I WAS THERE!

(in the book, hehe).



PS – The closest equivalent to Rhonda was Madam Carrie … and I DID do a lot for her. Oh boy! And I’d gladly lick food out of her ASS again!

Lots of extreme femdom. PIck it up NOWWWW!

MY HANDS ARE LITERALY SHAKING – thats how much of a goddess she is, and was! Those nails!!!

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