Think “outside the box”

Dear Reader,

Many moons ago, yours truly was involved in a (very pleasant!) online exchange on a forum with a lady in the BDSM field – an experienced lady I have the utmost respect for, and a lady thats done a LOT throughout the years for BDSM.

I’m not going to mention her here, but she set up a nifty little online forum ( yes – them were the “pre Twitter” and pre-dumbphone days, hehe) which compromised a core group of femdom enthusiasts as well as the lovely ladies involved in it and I recall partaking in not one – not two – but MANY an interesting discussion before heading off to work in the mornings!

That was of course my pre-do my own thing days as well too, hehe. Mention the term “work” to me nowadays and I’ll look at you as if you’re smoking something.

To me it’s all about FUN – and ACTION these days – as opposed to a “job” – – but funnily enough, those exchanges inspired me so much that I actually had a good day ahead at the “job” I was working back then (made plenty of sales there, ah, but thats a different tale).

Not only that – I ended up meeting my current S.O. while working there.

Now, this wasn’t by far the only reason – sure – but it was ONE of the reasons, and if it still stands out about 10 or so years later – there’s a darn good reason!

Anyhow, there was this discussion about “married folks visiting Dominas”.

Though yours truly was well versed in fetish etc — and had NO qualms about explaining his desires — or being “open” to other kinks – – there were still several areas my mind was not “open” as yet.

My first comment to this discussion was along the lines of “well, thats great, but he’s married, and … uh … isn’t that cheating …?”

Fast forward to today, and you’d never catch me making that comment.

Not because it “is” or “isn’t” cheating – – it’s because it’s always shades of grey – – and because there is no “one size fits all answer!”

And the lady  I’m referring to wisely replied “Mystery, cheating?? Shouldn’t we have a more open mind??”

She was right (btw, Mystery was my nick on the forum) – – and amongst other things she also said this (with regard to another discussion):

“Mystery, you’ve always got great input to share. You sound wise beyond your years!”

Well, maybe so in certain regards – but not all at that time – and thats why   I am sharing this little “blast from the past” with y’all today!

It’s so important to keep an open mind, my friend. It’s so important not to get caught up with “what they’ll think of it”.

It’s so important, for instance, not to worry about “what your friends would say if they saw you worshipping her feet”.

And so forth.

Key here is do what makes YOU happy – keep it SSC – and always remember — life, and especially fetish is shades of grey. There’ no “right” or “wrong” here!

Anyway, that’s the takeaway from today’s email. On other fronts, I’ve been getting some interesting inquiries as of late.

It seems some folks want to write stories – – and have them featured right HERE on this very site for sale – – and though I hadn’t done this on a large scale before, I’m doing it now.

So if you’re looking  to submit stories etc for publication by us – – feel free to do so either via the submissions page (we’ll have a form etc up there shortly, but it’s email for now) or simply email it over to me at [email protected] and we’ll go from there.

That above page will have more info as we go “by and by” …

OK – that’s it for now. Back to “play”, hehe – and I’ll be back later with  more tidbits!


Mike Watson

P.S. – As far as stories are concerned, I’ve got about a bazillion up on the site – – ALL of them reality mixed in with more than dash of creative license. Yes, I suppose you could say I’ve had an interesting life – – and have (and AM!) enjoying every minute! For more on this front, the “Chinese Femdom” page would be a good start – – check it out right here – –

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