Why truly EVERY MAN SHOULD get his nipples – SUCKED!

And more.

Licked, flicked, what not …

And preferably by a girl – or girls – or man – or men – or sissies, or CUCKS that KNOW how to do it well!

Much like GIVING and receiving anal pleasure, some things need to be learnt. Though the ability may be innate, both in terms of giving and receiving (it always has for me) – nothing beats sheer practice!

And nipples.

On guys.

Most guys dismiss it as being “gay”.

Another one of those stupid bits of thinking.

What is gay anyway! What is in labels anyway!

I mean, I’ve said in Cuck Central. Sissy Central. And most of my books and courses.

What price a silly label?

What matters are two things.

One, doing what you WANT.

And two, being who you ARE in a SSC manner.

That is really all that counts in life, fitness, maybe SEXUAL relationships, business, everything!

End of the day, be YOU.

Thats what counts my friend.

And I’ve been having memories.

Madam Anne sucking, licking and flicking my nipples only in that manner that SHE could.

“Wow!” she’d say later as I came (she had never ever seen a cock like mine before!)

(Neither had my friend Rueben! Hehe. Or Jeremy!)

(they said the EXACT same thing, now that I think of it, hehe).

Ashley who I mentioned before. Such an expert nipple flicker!

Liao, her of Sin City Diaries

Madam Pearl!

And so many more I’ve lost track, but the first girl too who introduced me too this, THAT girl in Southern USA (who is no longer with us unfortunately due to this COVID that took her life!)

Anyway, this isn’t about the plague they spread (China).

It’s about memories, nice ones, and I believe we never truly “die”.

Everything is ethereal, my friend!

It truly is!

And really, guys.

Get over it.

Get them nipples sucked – flicked – licked – by one that truly K NOWS how to do it and enjoys it.

Youll never look back.



Mike Watson

PS – Message #2 – Also, try P spot play, and the above will be magnified x 100 or more. You don’t necessarily have to be a sub either to try it, believe me! I often did it for Jerome, that long cock plowing my mouth and my fingers lubing him up … gently, just as he liked, hitting his P spot – and the load he BLASTED! The LOAD!!!

PS #2 – Don’t be surprised if you actually cum in your pants while reading some of my books on Chinese femdom – truly that real – and the nipple play – oh – my!

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