28 days – and COUNTING!

Dear Friend,

Well, you’ll recall the dude I’ve been speaking to pretty regularly on Twitter about his new found and chosen path down the road of chastity with his Goddess “Lulu”.

So he recently sent me a few more messages, and for whatever reason I did not get to them until today.

He reports the following  (I’m including the gist of it for sake of brevity)- –

 – That, in his own words, “things are getting pretty intense”, and he’ “kind of losing urges to cum”. That he “wants to”, but “the longer he goes without it, the less he wants it”.

– That, and he also says the longer he goes without an orgasm – the less likely his Goddess is to allow him to cum!

And much more, but that sums it up pretty well.

My response?

You’ll get to the point eventually that even touching yourself will make you want to cum. Such can be and ARE the effects of chastity/denial!

Now, why do I mention all this?

First, because this dude’s reaction are typical of someone that’s started down this path – someone for who it is NEW – and someone who looks to be thoroughly enjoying his journey down his Goddess’s path of service as well.

He’s learning how to control himself better – – or, “repress” the urge to cum, in other words. This is something that can be hard to master at first, and takes TIME – but he’s probably seeing the numerous benefits of chastity that I keep referring to (the non sexual ones), and thats probably what’s giving him added resolve.

As for the second comment, I’d say his Goddess is spot on. The only reason he should be allowed to cum anyway is if she wants it done for “biological” reasons – – else, there is NO reason it should be allowed anyway.

So thats the update – and given the interest in chastity around “these parts”, I was pondering about creating a course on the “how to’s”, why’s and wherefore’s, problems, drawbacks, emotional impact and the such. Let me know if there is interest on this front, and I’ll see what I can drum up!

In the meantime, I’ve gone one better (at least in my book).

While I’m currently NOT locked up, I’ve mentioned in the past I don’t need to be physically locked up in order for me not to cum. I’ve gotten to the point where I can happily sit out months without cumming (though the urge is definitely there!) – and guess what – it feels AWESOME in every way once one gets used to it.

A man’s sexual energy can be used to propel him to great things, my friend – and in my case that certainly holds true in terms of my output, energy levels, and general “life results” as it were.

And when the urge becomes IRREPRESSIBLE?

Well, I do what I did in April, I believe – which is to give myself a ruined orgasm. 😉

Or more accurately, several in a row. 😉

(I could ask my S.O. to do this, of course, but she wasn’t there with me in April, so …)

And believe me, the ruined orgasm is NOT done the way you see it depicted in most porn movies and common literature which shows the stimulation being stopped AFTER the guy reaches the point of no-return.

NO – that is a “partial orgasm” and is nothing like a ruined orgasm, although it might seem ruined at the outset.

Anyway, thats my story from here. If you’re amongst the “teeming” lot that doesn’t quite know how to adminster ruined orgasms – – or how to make them even more pleasurable – – or really, what they are and why they work so well in the first place – – well, my new course on this “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE!” answers all these questions and more.

You can pick it up right here if that “be” your cup of tea – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/ruined-orgasms/



OK, my friend – thats it for now. I’ll be back again with more!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Chastity and ruined orgasms have many of the same benefits, but I’d rate ruined orgasms higher, and why? Well – stay tuned for the next post on this – I’ll explain why!

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