That satiny smooth soft SKIN ….

On his dong, and her hands – or forearms for that matter! Or her whole body …

I dont know, I use that description for those lovely dongs I suck so often. Worship so often.

Hard yet soft, that dick BE SO hard – puslating – throbbing – and yet, that skin on top is so smooth – even the “manliest” of dicks!

In fact, the smoother the skin the better, of course.

Speaking of dicks?

I woke up with a giant, massive throbbing hard on threatening to escape my shorts  (I generally sleep naked but today I was with the SO, so obviously – no naked for this cuck! Hehe).

The shorts are loose around the waist.

I dont wear underwear while sleeping.

But that boner was threatening to escape it anyway. Massive, rock hard, and for once, I wasn’t thinking cock, sissy!

I was thinking … feet!

She plonked downa lovely stinky foot on me,and even I said – though I’m used to it – ewwwwww!

She came in my dreams as the lovely, gorgeous, bodacious, stunning Sunny Leone that I’ve written about so often before….

She was giggling.

“Eww”, I said.

“Honey, you haven’t seen nothing until you see a dirty sweaty foot plonked down on your face”, she said.

Something like that, but that was the drift. Hehe.

Then I was complaining about freebie seekers, I believe, though the “Complaint” part was faded out in the dream.

i.e. I didnt see myself complaining about that. But I believe I was.

“I dont like it when people want my books and products for free!” 

“Honey, everything is free for US!”, she giggled back. “Even laundry!” 

I dont know if she pointed to the load that had to be done. Hehe.

But it reminded me of a certain James Hadley Chase book I read, a certain lovely Toni with an even “lovelier” man.

Toni had all the money in the world, he didnt.

He wasn’t the sort of mooch off women.

Toni didnt understand him worrying about money.

“Why worry about money, you big, gorgeous hunk! I’ve all the money we need! Come to bed, and make love”

She was right in her own way, but he was the independent sort.

And he didnt want to ask her for money, at least so he told himself he’d never do , with not much conviction at all.

Anyway, thats “The Vulture is a patient bird” – certainly NOT a fetish or a femdom book. But a great book nonetheless. I love all of Chase’s work!

Guns, girls, lots of crime , tough  men, sexy women …

Anyway …

Before this?

My “So” asked me to go to the vegetable seller, and I didnt want to.

But then I saw a lady there with JET BLACK – coal black skin!

I wanted to see her.

So I went!

And inexplicably, our forearms touched, and it was like an electric shock.

Her skin was so SOFT, SO SMOOTH!

Yes, she was black. Coal black.

But so soft!

I remember trying to make every “excuse” to touch her and she was too!

And that, my friend, reminded me of the lovely Pooja Memsahib.

Yes, her soles were dirty and cracked when I first met her.

yes, the palms were anything but manicured.

But that skin was still smooth and soft, and dark, despite all the ravages it had been through …

And perhaps thats the lesson in all this because I believe that was what I was thinking about this morning when I woke up!

Pooja Memsahib Ji … truly the most, most regal ever, especially the blase and debase acts she put me through – that no-one, not even Ms Priyanka did.

Anyway, thats it for now.

To read about these blase and debase acts, though really, it should be part and parcel of real femdom i.e. you always aim for MORE submissiveness, boy! – go HERE.

I’ll be back soon.


Mike Watson

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