The spice in staying CHASTE …

Dear Reader,

Well, so I’ve been pre-occupied with some business matters for the last week or so, and haven’t gotten around to posting as much as I should here.

I’ve also been chaste, obviously – – can’t remember the last time I “came”, hehe. Oh wait. ‘Twas in April – – back in April around the middle of the month if I recall correctly, and after a hard, hard workout (and a shower, of course).

And even then, despite my raging lust it was a ruined orgasm – – four in a row at that, haha. And it left me wanting “it” even more – – and those that have been there and done that in terms of ruined orgasms know exactly what I’m talking about!

Ruined orgams, my friend are a great, great way to spice up YOUR sex life – and this applies equally to women as well as men, but more so to you ladies out there I’d say.

It’s a great feeling to know that all you’ve gotta do to drive him insane (if you do it right, of course!) is to sit with your feet up on a table and command him to “ruin it” (or do it for him).

Believe me, I’ve been on the receiving end of this multiple times, and I could tell by the look in her eyes – the power exchange was not only a turn on for her, but the humiliation was PRICELESS!

And of course, my lust wasn’t sated, hehe, which made it better for both of us.

Trouble is, though most people do ruined orgasms WRONG. Most people watch porn videos and go by what is done there, and truth be told, most porn is set up to pander to male desires anyway – – and more so in terms of what is commonly out there in terms of BDSM.

So here’s a tip – don’t go by what they show in the porn movies. It ain’t worth it!

I’ve put out a nifty little manual on this which gives you 15 ways to go for a ruined orgasm – either solo or with your S.O. (or partner) – and believe me, it works great solo as well if you cannot find the right partner to share your desires with (this is KEY).

That manual is available right HERE – –

Otherwise, the longer I stay chaste, the more it seems I ATTRACT women into my life – whether I want to or not, and most of the time I’m not even consciously thinking about doing so – or how to do so.

In fact, truth be told, ALL my thoughts over the past week (except for last night) were about other business (other than this site).

But as they say, and as *I* often say, you can’t get away from who you REALLY are, my friend. You can never get away from who you really are, and who you really are “manifests” itself whether you want it or not – helped along by “unsated lust”, of course.

Like moths to a flame as I often say, and like attracts like. I was thinking about the lovely Princess Yvonne last night (she deserves a story all unto herself, on that note!) – and those thoughts manifested in the form of some leggy lasses this morning as I completed a brisk jaunt outdoors.

Ah, that perfume, that intoxicating scent, and  … that LOOK in the eye. That KNOWING look in the eye that speaks volumes, and gets ALL THE MORE “piercing” the more I “deny” myself of pleasure!

It’s ALWAYS all about her. She knows it, too! 😉


Mike Watson

P.S. – Yes, they all know it’s about THEM ultimately – but none more so than Madam Krystal. ‘Tis always about her, my friend – as you’ll find out when you read the trilogy – as well as the 2 sequels. And no – this wasn’t intended to run as long as it did – but run long it did regardless!


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