Madam Vandana’s lovely, gorgeous PERFECT feet …

While the vast majority of my work features Chinese ladies (and rightfully so given my interest in real and true female domination, and said relationships) – – it must be said that some of my earliest influences in that regard came from not Chinese ladies – but ladies from the Indian subcontinent, or those of Indian origin.

I’ve spoken before about my Civics teacher in eighth grade. I’ve mentioned the incident with a girl whose name was “Shikha” and her friend a lot of times before (I believe this happened in ninth grade).

And today, I’ll mention the case of one of the MOST beautiful pairs of female feet I’ve ever seen in my life – belonging to a gorgeous (really) Indian lady – – feet that are on par with, if I might say so, Madam Carol’s lovely feet as well!

She was my Physics teacher in high school, and she had the most DELECTABLE pair of feet if I might say so!

Long, yet broad Indian feet – – the toes ALWAYS painted a bright shade of red (long toenails as well!) – – and if you’ve seen the feet on the cover of the Indian Goddess compilations (and the sequels themselves) – well – – now you know why those feet are there!

Ms. Priyanka had feet like that as well, and in terms of Madam Vandana, I’d often notice her soles, caked with dust, as she walked along the dusty Indian roads, and I’d get a hard on right there and then!

If there was one thing I wanted at that time – it was to DROP DOWN – and lick the grime off the soles – – massage her feet and calves for hours – – and pretty much be ordered around by her as her bitch.

And it wasn’t just feet – it was the overall package, and those dominant, knowing eyes – – and I don’t know if it was just my imagination but they seemed to “flicker” playfully that much more every time she looked at me!

She knew – she knew the effect she was having upon me – – and while obviously nothing further happened – it likely would have if I had been an adult at that point in time!

It’s a pity I wasn’t – but as I see her today, about 20 years older – she looks older, but looks gorgeous as ever – and that dominant vibe has NOT receded.

That sexy pout is still there, albeit with a few creases around the lips!

And those feet, ah, those feet, they’re EVEN MORE beautiful – – if that were to be possible!

Madam Vandana featured in one of my (as yet UNFINISHED) books “The M.B.A. Candidate”. I’ve got no idea when I’ll get around to finishing it, but … you’ll be the first one to know when I do!

And that’s the trip down memory lane for today – enjoy! I’ll be back again later.


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you’re interested in Indian femdom, and judging by the reactions I’m getting, a lot of you ARE – here is manna from “femdom heaven” for you – –

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