Empress Cody – Volume #4

Dear reader,

This was supposed to be a Nov 2 blog post – but ended up on the main menu for whatever reason – and it’s only NOW that I noticed it!

Here it is in it’s correct home now, hehe. The book was released on Nov 2 or thereabouts – this post was intended for Nov 2 as well!

Well, it’s happened – and it’s happened quicker than I thought it would, and THAT, my dear reader, is what I keep “carping” about in all my writings and publications in terms of the mind (and proper usage therein) being the MOST important thing you can do for yourself, bar none.

I had initially set a “release” date (well, in terms of finishing the writing if not the editing) of November 04, but turned out it got done a day earlier – albeit with some impression from sources I’ve never, ever have imagined would come to me “out of the blue” as it were.

Or I should say I DID imagine it – that is how it happened!

Anyway, all that aside, the point is that Empress Cody – Volume #4 is DONE – and is currently being edited etc, before it goes up on Amazon – and that should be soon. I’m guessing within a day or so, max, but we’ll see.

In the meantime though, here are some oldies (and goodies, at that) that should keep you busy –


These were all written way back in 2013 if I recall correctly, and they are ALL in the same vein of “writing from the heart” and “reality mixed in with the right dash of creative license” as it were.

And they all deal with my “pet” (no puns intended!) topic, that being femdom involving lovely, gorgeous and oh-so-naturally dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland. 

There’s more where that comes from, and the books page should give you a fair idea of the work I’ve done in that regard, but for now, these three should keep you busy until the latest version of Empress Cody – Volume #4 is out!

All for now. Back to the “ideation” phase as it were …


Mike Watson

P.S. – The guys over at Femdom Cave just re-launched their new site – looks great – check it out! They’re still getting some of the most recent works on there (ongoing process as it were) but the site in itself looks GREAT, and is definitely worth checking out!

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