Her lovely FAT thighs – – and HAMSTRINGS!

As I saw a lady walking in the park today in shorts, I just had to say this!

She was a fat woman – -make no mistakes about it! And yet, despite her weight or looks or anything else for that matter, my you know what sprang to attention almost immediately!

No, I don’t have a “fat” fetish.

I’ve said that before many times!

But I DO have a submissive side to me (yes, I know it’s obvious!). Hehe. Big time. ENORMOUS side that!

And I NEVER get tired of saying it’s not about her looks, age, or anything else.

It’s about HER, BOY, and her mind! The VIBE is what counts, and the vibe is exactly what I saw in the park today as the lady causally strolled on by probably aware of the submissively lustful eyes at her backside, and those lovely FAT hamstrings . . .

I recently read about Chinese actress Gong Li being “body shamed”. And I gotta say, she ain’t fat at all. Maybe a little more weight than before, but definitely not what I’d think would be FAT.

Maybe unfit, but not fat.

But I’ve written galore about how much pressure Asian ladies (and especially Chinese) are in general to stay in shape, and maintain those ridiculous “bony” figures.

And don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying don’t say it like it is. If she’s fat,she’s fat!

And if she’s too skinny, the same thing.

I am a fitness guy as many of you know, and NOT being in the shape is the very last thing I’d recommend to ANYONE. Believe me now and trust me later, what I said right there is true. Fitness is as much a priority for me as BDSM is. One feeds off the other as it were (and if you think about it, sexual urges and the like only get MAGNIFIED if you’re in shape, and so . . . ) .

But I am NOT a fan of starving onself, following crash diets, binge eating and then puking and then some, and CERTAINLY NOT a fan of these girls being subject to the pressure they have to be “thin”.

What you and I would consider to be RAIL thin, or painfully skinny!

Not too far off from concentration camp skinny actually IMO!

And here’s the thing.

If she’s overweight, she’s overweight! That means there is MORE to worship, boy!

I don’t care if it’s the rolls of fat around Pooja Madam’s waist that I wrote about before, or the lovely LARGE . . . whats the word

. . .It’s on the tip of my tongue . . .

Can’t find it, but you know what I mean and it’s not fat  . . . VOLUPTOUS! Ah, finally got it! . . . Voluptous thighs and larger than usual calves. To me, it turns me on even more, because chances are Madam will be EVEN bitchier and more dominant (at least, that has been my experience) and so certainly no “body shaming” for me in that regard! ?

Thank you so much, Madam. I gotta say it! ?

Best ,

Mike Watson

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