Empress Cody

Dear reader,

Well, well, well. A book that I initially thought would extent NO further past the first two Volumes has gone on to a very “debauched” (if I might use the term!) and raunchy Volume #3, and for those interested, here it is –

Click the picture to get there.

Volume #1 gave you the background in the Empress’s own (and real life, to an extent) abrupt manner, and gave you some “spice” as well.

Volume #2 gave you more spice.

Volume #3 was full on debauchery and humiliation – and as for Volume #4, it’s more of the same, my dear reader, and though I was working on that very Volume this morning “it suddenly deserted me”, and being I do ALL my work when “in the flow”, ’twas a sign to work on something else for the nonce.

When your doing something creative (although, on that note, it bears saying that EVERYTHING you do in life should be, or IS creative to an extent) such as writing, then it’s best to do it “when in the flow”.

I speak about being in the flow and the subconscious mind a LOT in my books, and believe me, with good reason.

Writing for me has always been an easy task when I set my mind to it, and it all literally “flows” when I set “fingers to keyboard” as it were. Much like this blog post itself … I didn’t “think” (not consciously, at any rate) about what I’m going to sit here and write.

I’m just doing it, and my fingers are ‘aflying, my dear reader.

And THAT, is what explains how I manage to get quality work out there in a period of time that most would consider virtually impossible, and yet, if you know how to – ’tis easy, my friend.

Anyhow, I’ll be back at “Empress Cody – Volume #4” this week, most likely tomorrow and it’ll probably be out within the next few days too.

Stay tuned!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Something else I speak about in my books is the importance of doing something – ANYTHING – every day. It does not have to be a major push. Just a little something … but do it DAILY, and you’ll soon see how that little something turns into way more than you could ever, ever have imagined!

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