Madam reading the newspaper, feet crossed. Down, boy!

Madam was reading the newspaper, the A/C was buzzing full blast as it always does!

She can’t stay without it!

And fresh from cleaning her toilet, from licking her asshole in the morning so she could “go” (she’s constipated often!) … then cleaning after she WENT … helping her dress and stuff, then cleaning up myself, and serving her hot tea … and bringing the newspaper to her!

She then put her feet up on the table, soles crossed.

And I pressed them for hours, until it was around 9 AM or so and the phone rang.

She POINTED ME away.

With a forefinger.

She pointed a forefinger, and LOOKED AT ME in that mean, Nazi feminist manner!


Like you’d look at chattel, dirt and vermin at and under your feet!

The look said it all.

But the wagging forefinger adds spice to it!

And off I went!

When Madam was talking on the phone, I was NEVER allowed there.

After she was done, she called me back, and I continued pressing her feet, with only the pages of the newspaper staring at me for company.

Even her salwar was so tight it was only until her ankle!

Talk to her soles, boy! Not her!

Madam Susan’s wise voice often rings out in my ears!

Now, this is definitely one of those Indian femdom recollections I so love, and am so grateful and thankful for!

I’m indeed lucky.

But as I remember Madam’s soles, that I know so well, that spoke to me, talked to me more than HER …

I gotta say this.

Our MOST popular book “Serving an Indian Goddess” is now being translated … into Portugese to!

For those interested, let me know and I’ll send over the Amazon link.

THIS site only has the English version.

But, Priyanka was a true Queen incarante.

And I might get the books translated into Spanish too.

Watch this space for more, and for now, just thinking about what I Said above.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI!

Thats ALL that remains to be said!


Mike Watson

PS – “JI” is a way of showing immense respect in the subcontinent. Garima madam …. JI! Taught me this so well! A true dominant female force of nature, and if you dont believe me, get the book, and you’ll see!

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