Transmuting your desires

Dear reader,

Well, it’s been a while as usual, my friend … I’ve been doing a LOT of work as of late promoting my new fitness products – and BDSM writing has taken a back seat for now – or well, at least for the past month or so.

Figured I’d give my “beleaguered” editor a break as well, who responded to my last submission with a hearty comment which IIRC went something like “keep this up and you’ll soon need an entire library to yourself” – such was life during that last month when I was literally STUCK and chained to the keyboard – as if my life depended upon it.

And guess what – I enjoyed EVERY minute of it. I enjoyed EVERY minute that I was stuck to that keyboard.

I enjoyed EVERY minute of detailing how Madam Krystal brought a previous “haughty” English teacher to his knees, and way, way more (Krystal – I do kind of miss you by the way, but it’s all good! ;)).

I enjoyed detailing how “Empress” Cody took great pleasure in issuing the “Humpie!” command, and having her “poor saps”  literally hump on command.

And much, much more – but that isn’t the point of me telling you this – the point is to tell you that I enjoyed every minute of it.

And I’m chomping at the bit to get back at it, but it won’t happen until the New Year. Or perhaps even February. We’ll see, but for now …

Those that have read the bit on the homepage have likely read the part about a “moth being attracted to a flame” – but have you understood this in it’s entirety?

Let’s flip that saying around – and lets coin it as such “an oh-so-inviting flame will ALWAYS attract a willing moth – whether or not the moth “knows” it”.

And those two lines, my friend, sum it all up. Read between the lines if you so choose, but there it is, right there.

And it’s happened to me oh-so-often, my dear reader, and none more so than when I actively learned how to “channel” my submissive desires and direct ’em the right way.

Most of my books are written in the flow and virtually ALL of them (except perhaps one to some extent) are “reality mixed in with a dash, or more, of creative license and spice”.

In other words, I did actually meet Madam Carrie, Madam Krystal, and the rest of those verifiable gorgeous and dominant Chinese women.

I do indeed have a lovely “Miss V” next door that owns a beauty salon, although the exact wording is a bit different, and I changed the letter after the “Miss” for purposes of privacy. *wink wink*

On another note, and another lifetime, “Garima Madam” is indeed a real person …

And so forth.

I’m not a sociable person by any stretch. I do NOT frequent bars etc, and despite my BDSM experiences thus far I’ve never ever been to a munch or anything of that nature.

I used to participate on forums etc a lifetime ago, but not too much even back then.

How then, do I “meet”, or “draw” these lovely ladies into my life.

Or – perhaps – and more importantly – how do THEY “attract” me into their life?

Well – simple – so astoundingly simple that most of y’all reading this will have me pegged for the loony bin at once.

By thinking – imagining – and visualizing – and your subconsciousness and ENERGY fields do the rest in terms of attracting others with the same bent of mind from the UNIVERSAL energy that we can ALL tap into if only we know how to.

And while that might come across as esoteric, airy fairy BS – it’s really not, my friend. Its really not – and it’s a central concept of not only my BDSM related books – but also many others.

Even a simple “Hi” can be interpreted 10 different ways depending upon the ENERGY levels of the person saying it and the person reading it – and if you have any doubts on that, well, feel free to peruse the “Empress Cody” series as well as the “Sophia Bai” series (or perhaps even “Serving Ann“).

Those are but a few examples of how it works in real life – and how it has worked for me.

I’ll get into this more in the future, but for now – it’s back to my fitness biz, hehe.

Until “Madam Carrie” takes it over fully, of course… 😉


Mike Watson.

P.S. – Here are a few of the books I mentioned above –



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