Krystal – the teaching assistant

Dear reader,

As with most of my writing, it “only really rings true if it true – or at least in part”.

As my readers no doubt know by now, most of my stories are based on true fact or occurrences (events) that actually happened, and that in many cases, I’ve obviously been fortunate enough to be a part of.

The successful Madam Carrie series was one of these, and so is the wildly successful (from what I can gather, at least) Sophia Bai. For now though, my latest piece is about the lovely Madam Krystal, the teaching assistant at one of the schools I worked at (and still do on occasion).

A story is best told when it’s based upon true facts/occurrences, and blended in with the right mix of ingenuity, creativity and creative license. Those last two bits are KEY though (no puns intended, my dear reader!) and the only way that creative license can really hit home if it all “comes straight from the heart” (and when it comes straight from the heart, it’s usually true even if what is being said hasn’t happened as yet).

Without further ado, then … here is the latest –


(By the way, the sequel to Sophia Bai (the first book) is sitting in the very capable hands of my publishers, and I’ve got no doubt it’ll be on Amazon, Lulu etc within a couple of days at most).

Way back in the day, another “oldie but goldie” “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” did pretty well too, and YES, the heroine of that novel was an actual sex worker. Name changed, obviously, for reasons of privacy, but most of what I wrote in there in the initial part of the tale was true.

So was another book I wrote a couple of years ago “Meeting Ms. Chen”. Again, another true (in part) story blended in with the right creative license.


Anyway, thats it for now. I’m back to work on my next piece – not quite sure what that’ll be as yet – but I’ll keep y’all posted!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The “Indian Goddess” series way back in the day might be an interesting read as well. It was admittedly an “initial foray” into the world of femdom writing for me and you might notice the writing style “evolving” a bit as you go through the initial three parts (I did, at any rate!), and then head on to the Sequel, by which time I’m “fully in flow” as it were.

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