Why you country bumpkin cucks should be honored to be called that by country bumpkin GODDESSES and QUEENS!

Yes Madam!

Often times, my S.O. (among other choice and oh so lovely, denigrating, humilating epithets she uses me “cocksucker” doesnt start to cover it, hehe) will call me the following.


She’s Indian, so thats “Indian” for “country bumpkin”.

She never did teach me the meaning of it though – Ms Priyanka did all those years ago!

And she also taught me the Asian squat, of course, a position great for two things – and thus HER.

One, supreme fitness from the inside out (if thats something you’re interested in, by the way, let me know and I’ll email the MIss V owned site over. Who knows, you’ll make her a sale or two, or MORE. Hehe).


But anyway, two?

I’ve spoken about how Indian and Chinese servant sit in that position, how it’s the most submissive and helpless ever for a male, or anyone doing it, how it lends itself great to having your backside KICKED – and hard – and of course, those balls smashed up into your mouth, boy, all while she casually swings a foot, and a (meaty) leg!

Thats my current SO, by the way!

But anyway, I love it.

I love being humiliated that way – Princess Joanie was the only one other that called me that!

Curiously enough, the women I’ve served?

My SO is from a village.

The Princess is from a small little town outside Guangzhou (she’s in the city NOW though).

And Garima Madam – small town girl!

Ms. Priyanka – ditto.

Pooja – ditto!

The list is LEGION, my friend. LEGION!

And it’s that which turns me on so much, along with her thumping the foot down on my shoulder “The White Tiger” style as I wash her other foot.


And if you’re thinking all this “didnt happen” and I just write about it?

Well, you’re wrong is all I can say and want to say. Hehe.

If you can’t feel it – you don’t need or deserve to be on this list!



PS – Read about my SCINTILLATING tales of RECOLLECTIONS here – all Indian femdom – if you’re interested in Watson’s mind, and how it was shaped this is a great read – – and THIS TOO (the latter was picked up Madam Alexa “to see how my mind worked”).

And she read it, as I pressed her legs, warm Saturday afternoon, feet in water, A/c burring, occasional smack to the head, just like with Garima Madam Ji.

YES – paperbacks available! Just ASK. (or choose the option when checking out and you shall HAVE).

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