Owned by Madam Aa Ling all over again???

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Owned by Madam Aa Ling all over again???

Spicy Erotic

My Friend,

She was so lovely, so really was!

Y’all have read the tale here – most of y’all, but if you haven’t, you SHOULD NOW!

Along with “Meeting Ms Chen“, it’s one of the very “critically acclaimed” fiction (well, to be honest, it’s REAL! All my books, as Dani rightly said are “REAL!” hehe. Indeed reality mixed in with a dab of creative license as I like to say!) books we’re offering.

Thats saying a lot. Empress Cody might have something to say about that, as would Sophia Bai, and definitely Madam Carrie, Princess Krystal … and well, did I get ’em all?

I dont think so, hehe.

Pun intended, and not!

“You’ll never be my boyfriend, boy!”

Those words rang out SO OFTEN!

I never wanted to, Madam! I was happy under your feet, cucked, submissive, not having to think about ANYTHING (as opposed to “real life”) – just obey your orders, verbatim and do more!

Such is the life of Mike Watson, multiple business owner, writer, and many other things.

The grass is indeed greener on the other side!

Sometimes, the pressure … I love it, but in the bedroom, I want release, and giving up control is the best and most wonderful way anyway!

Anyway, in “Owned by Madam Aa Ling“, I left out one tiny dib.

One tiny detail thats not been mentioned in Sin City Diaries either, my friend.

And, I’m mentioning it HERE as a way of thanking you for being on this list!

And that one tiny detail is …

One evening at the bordello, after blowjob #1 – and the initial massage, and preparing for #2 – she took my phone.

Normally, these girls would put the phones in a cupboard next to the bed for safety, then lock it.

Those were the old days – pre dumbphone.

I had two trusty “brick” Nokias I carried with me everywhere!

But the blue Nokie – Aa Chie chose that.

And it was cute, she pulled out her purse, and she stuck a little, cute little picture of her smiling face, just like that FIRST time when she HOOKED me from the word go to the back of my phone.

I kept that photo for years, even after I left China!

Years and years later, in 2009, I believe it was, or maybe 2008 – an Indian girl I met peeled it off.

“You won’t need this anymore”, she giggled!

Curiously, that girl was not too enthused by Mike’s honesty – the first day I met her, I told her about all my sauna “misdeeds”, adventures etc!

But later, she didnt mind it.

She used to giggle and say “I’m not jealous”.

“I’m happy they gave my bear so much pleasure!” 

Bear, of course, is a term ladies use for their loved ones, studs, and a lot more. Lots of girls have used it on me…

Anyway, this isn’t a tip or lesson in attracting women.

Thats in the book!

But the point of me telling you this, my friend, is THIS.

It was like a STAMP!

Aa Chie basically said “NO-ONE else for you, boy!” 

(think about it. a lady of the night telling me that. She was such a Queen, such a Goddesss, still is!)


Just like Madam Virginia.

“I will kill you if you have other Madam!”

And all other girls saw it, too!

I didnt mind. She didnt. They didnt!

All happens…

And now – what this means for YOU.

A lot of you have ordered PAPERBACKS off the site, which I deeply and truly appreciate.

It shows you’re truly serious about femdom – in all its shapes, forms and guises.

I mean, lots order them off the Miss V Owned Fitness Site!

But, thats different.

Having a fitness book sitting on your mantelpiece, and some of Mikes sizzlers – well, you get the drift!

But its happening!!

And if you want one of these books autographed, my friend, as I’m often asked to do on the other site, let me know!

Miss V won’t do it. Hehe.

She just takes the Money!

I will though – and it will be a custom, hand penned note from ME – to – YOU – personally!

Think about it, every time yo uopen the book, you’ll see my words WRITTEN – from the “femdom creme la creme” (pun??) or the “Real McCoy of femdom”, what have you – yourself – and you’ll FEEL the inspiration well within you, and the submissiveness every time you open that book.

Autographed just MEANS something, my friend, I dont know how to tell you, but it does, it makes it extra special!

Sextra? Hehe.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean “owned by Mike Watson!”


It just means, you’re a true femdom lover, and Mike’s putting his seal of approval on that – for you!

Which to me, would mean more than anything else I’ve ever done…

I dont know about you, friend, but thats what I think about it.

An dthats what I wanted to say.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I can FEEL her eyes on me as I write this, as I feel every woman’s I’ve ever been with …


I still remember that picture so vividly, right down to the cute red striped sweater she was wearing…

and it happened in 2005!

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