A few updates …

Well, dear reader, the latest update I have to give you is that “Krystal – the teaching Assistant part Two” is finally done, and is “sitting” in the very capable hands of my dear publishers at FDC.

I do not have the book cover as yet, but the edits/proofs should be done sometime next week, and it should be up for sale shortly thereafter.

It promises to be a wild ride, as ole Watson is in for the journey of HIS LIFE as the (so called) teaching assistants turn into anything but.

You’ll see how quickly things change, and you’ll see the manifold impact the imperious “Miss Yang” has on the “hero(sic)’s” life as she trains him to be the “perfect wife”.

“Part three” is on the way as well, but the next one should be yet another sequel to the much acclaimed “Sophia Bai” series … part two, if I might say so.

When I first started to write the “Sophia Bai series”, I did NOT think it would extend to more than a single book.

When I wrote the sequel, I had no idea that it would extend to another book.

And being I’m currently working upon “Sophia Bai – The Sequel – Part Two”, that, along with “Krystal – The Teaching Assistant – Part Two” should be up for grabs by the end of next week latest.

All for now. I’m back to “pounding” the keyboard, hehe!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is the Sophia Bai series –


And … here is the first Volume in the “Krystal” series …

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