Madam Carrie – Vol#3 and Vol#4 should be up SHORTLY!

Dear reader,

Yes, your right – the much awaited “Madam Carrie” series is ROLLING again – and how.

Madam Carrie Volumes 3 and Volumes 4 should be up on Amazon soon, and for those interested in how femdom can “start out slow” and then “pick up speed, almost like an express train hurtling towards its final destination”, well, these should be welcome reads for you.

There are those who prefer their BDSM novels (or novellas) to be “short reads”, containing almost nothing but the “juicy bits”.

That’s fine, but it “ain’t my thang”. Pardon the dialect, but a story without the proper background and build up to the characters getting into what they finally do rings hollow to me, and again, that might just be me – but it’s what I prefer.

And as my loyal readers no doubt know thats how I write. It may increase the size of three Volumes to Five, for instance, but such is life – and being that keeping it real is CENTRAL to anything I write or do, well … there it is!

Last, but not least, the next one out should be Sophia Bai – the Sequel, and given the resounding success of the initial “Sophia Bai” (from what I recall it got into the top 200 or so on the BDSM list on, this should be FUN!

And it always is fun, for that reason. I care not about the end result so much as the process – and this, my dear reader, is KEY to achieving anything in life.

Worry – and enjoy the process, and do so in a sensible, rational manner, and watch the results FLOW!


Mike Watson.

PS – Here is the original Sophia Bai : –

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