Madam Carrie – Volume #4 …

Dear Reader,

“Loyal” followers and readers of the much celebrated “Madam Carrie” series currently out there on Amazon will be THRILLED to know that “Madam Carrie Volume #3” and “Madam Carrie Volume #4” are currently in the hands of my very capable publisher, and will soon be published to Amazon, Lulu etc.

I was going to work on “Volume #5” this morning, and while that is still definitely in the works – and should be out by NEXT week AT MOST, I figured I’d give y’all a “shout out” and let you know.

If you haven’t started on the Madam Carrie series, here they are (click the image to get to the Amazon page): –

For those that are interested in a “all in one” set, my beloved publishers (FDC) have put out a “Volume 1 and Volume 2) compilation as well. There’ll be MORE on the way as well, given this will probably end up as a “six Volume series”, but for now, here you go: –


With that said, it’s back to pounding the keyboard for me (no puns intended!)

And of course – thank YOU – Madam Carrie! 😉



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