Looks – and are they THAT important?

Not for me, my dear reader.

Don’t get me wrong – looks are obviously important, and being human, we’re all “naturally” programmed to look for attractive (or what we consider to be attractive) partners, and that s PERFECTLY NORMAL.

But, as far as femdom, or at least my own preferences go, looks are about 8 on a list of 1 to 10 …

And what’s #1?

The MENTAL CONNECTION. THE MIND is where it ALL STARTS for me, and the most gorgeous person in front of me wouldn’t turn me on in the least if we did not have an intellectually stimulating (pun intended? Maybe, maybe not, hehe) conversation to begin with.

Now, loyal readers will no doubt about my attraction towards mainland Chinese women by now, and have no doubt read the “moths attracted to flame” part on the homepage.

Well, the reason this moth is attracted to that oh-so-lovely flame is not purely looks.

It’s NOT, I repeat NOT, “yellow fever” of any form.

It’s about the MIND, a naturally dominant, feminist mindset (without being “overly dominating”, mind you) and mainland Chinese women (and I’ve met plenty over my 14 plus year stay in China) simply fit the bill for me in that regard.

The right blend, and thats the only way I can think of to describe it, my dear reader.

The above might sound strange, and might sound like I’m “typifying” a certain race, but I’m NOT. I’m merely explaining what “works for me” (to put it in layman’s terms).

Sure, looks play into it. I’m a huge, huge fan of “that look in the eye” and this is a term repeatedly used in my books.

But what IS that look??

That look of sheer dominance. That look that “sums up the hapless male in nary the blink of a lovely eye”, to put it one way.

That look of control, that look that might as well say “I know what your thinking, boy!”

And most of all, that look of “inner confidence” which says “Though this man isn’t saying it directly, he’s attracted to me, and he knows I’m a PERSON – as opposed to just “another girl” – and he VALUES me – and my time”.

A look which states “Though he’s no doubt got his own preferences, he’d prefer to have an intellectually stimulating conversation with me first”.

And believe it or not, this has been my experience in mainland China – completely contrary to what a lot of other folks have experienced, of course.

But then again, my whole life has been “different”! As a certain “Lady E” (and several others) so recently told “Yes, your different. I know”.

Different yes? Good – or bad – or ideal – or acceptable?

The jury’s OUT on that one, hehe. Take your pick!

And back to looks – so yes, looks are important, but not physical looks. In fact, some of my most “satisfying” experiences have come with ladies that aren’t considered to be traditionally attractive (or in shape, or <insert descriptor> what have you … , or “any of the other attributes commonly assumed to be desirable to the male”).


It’s ALL about the mind – at least for me!


Mike Watson


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