A few hours short of 2 months!

Dear Reader,

Well,  the dam FINALLY burst.

The floodgates finally done opened – poured, as it were.

The torrents “emanated” like cannonballs from the mouth of a massive cannon pointed skyward.

Boom, boom, boom!

Now, neither am I referring to some medieval form of warfare here – – and nor am I referring to nature’s vagaries (rain, flash floods etc).

What then?

Well, it’s this – my self enforced period of chastity is over as of 25 minutes or so ago – an intense bodyweight workout being the catalyst that just sort of “drove me over the edge”.

Heck, I’ve been so horny over the past few days that it’s taken all my self control to not cum copiously via just TOUCH alone.

All I was doing was touching my nipples involuntarily when it “got to be too much” – and those little exquisite sensations were ENOUGH, my friend – but I somehow controlled myself on it.

But intense workouts such as I regularly partake of send my hormone and testosterone counts SKYWARD – as well as my “little brother” as they say in China, hehe, and well, this evening was one of those evenings where a touch was all it took.

I’ve got no doubt that I’ll start my self enforced chastity all over again – – probably for longer this time – – but in the meantime, remember that nipple play is something you can work into your sex life as well – – and YES, this holds true for most men as well!

Nipple play often times and erroneously gets the tag of being “gay” and “for pussies”.

Nothing could be further from the truth in the vast majority of cases – – and especially my case, where (and as I explain ad infinitum in most of my writings) – – I can cum from nipple play alone even when I’m NOT in an extreme state of “self denial” as it were.

In the meantime, remember too that the benefits of chastity, whether self imposed or not are manifold and go way, way beyond the sexual alone.

Remember I’m talking male chastity here – NOT females, as females don’t experience the same benefits due to their “wiring”.

For males, then – a few of the benefits are as follows –

You’ll have WAY more energy, for one. You’ll be able to accomplish a lot more – – both work wise and life wise.

You’ll start to “radiate” with inner energy after a while or so of being chaste. This is because your sexual energy starts to auto-transmute through into everything you do in life, including your interactions and thoughts – which is something that is hard to explain in a blog post, but you’ll get the drift once you experience it.

‘Tis but one reason I keep meeting the “flame” I mention so many times on my homepage and the books.

As I say, “I’m drawn to that flame like a moth would” whether I consciously try or not, and what I’ve said above plays a huge part in it.

Last, but not least, what if you’re currently in a relationship where you’re “expected” to have sex on a regular basis, but don’t want to?

What if, for whatever reason, you’d rather be a cuckold (or experience the fantasy) – but your partner has the opposite desires?

These situations are more common than you think, my friend and if not handled correctly tend to have disastrous consequences on many a relationship.

And I should know. I’ve been involved in this for a long, long time now … and I keep getting emails or questions from folks that genuinely want to work fetish into their lives, but don’t know how to.

Or, their partners don’t want it regardless.

Or, it’s gotten to a point where the relationship is literally on the rocks.

And so forth … and if that sounds familiar, well, you ain’t alone for sure.

This is what prompted me to recently create the kink counseling page on this website. As  I’ve explained on that page, kink counseling is something a lot of couples need, but shy away from – but this is the wrong way to tackle an issue that needs to be tackled.

And yes, in case you’re thinking – – this IS something that is important, and needs to be addressed. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages now, and finally got around to creating a page for it so more people can view the “service” as it were.

If you’re interested – – or know anyone that needs this – –  drop me a line, and we can discuss your situation as well.

As for the actual page, here it is – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/kink-therapy/

Well, my dear reader, that’s ALL for now. I’m off to recuperate from my workout – – and I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – BTW, if you’re interested in knowing what sort of a workout I do – shoot me a line – and I’ll explain further. Can’t promise it’ll help ya stay chaste though, but you’ll certainly get into hellatiously great shape – that I do guarantee!

P.S. #2 – Here are a few kinky, but GUILT free reads for ya – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/  (and remember, it’s always reality blended in with the right dose of creative license!!).

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