Puke worthy moans from fat lecherous Bozos – ugh!

Carol when giving me a massage once giggled.

“Stop making that noise”!

Massages feel so good when done right – almost like an orgasm – and being she offered it, I was so relaxed and my groans were showing it.

Fast forward a few years, I went for a massage the other day. The massueses – two of them – giggled and made comments about my X shape, model like looks and such. Like an ex once told me “honey, they probably look forward to you coming in through there”

Talking to these girls, I was asking them how much they “loved” their job.

Of course they didn’t. Haha. Who would love fat lecherous men coming in making disgusting moans of pleasure, seeding all over their hands and bodies – see Sin City Diaries – listening to my own sluts in my harem moan in ecstasy at my mere words I feel – in one word – DISGUSTED!

And they love that. Hehe. As I do my utter and complete, total power over them…

With those girls though, not enjoying a moment of it – truly pukeworthy! And so it should be …

Remember that if you fall into that puke worthy category as a so called man which the vast majority of men out there do.

And that’s that x.


Mike Watson

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