My lovely big Smelly feet…

Was quite a thing back in the day – when I was younger at least. They stink a lot less now for whatever reason – maybe because I wear flip flops a lot more, am extremely fit etc now – but ..

…couple of trips down memory lane.

Remember the roommate I once had who I’d wait for to go out so I could stroke one off to the lovely Southern Belles I saw all around me at the age of 17 in a completely foreign land? My head spin literally and figuratively – both of them – much like a lot of my subs do when I even talk to them, hehe.

Well, one night I took my leather boots off. Feet were smelling extremely rank – and I was pretending to be asleep when my roommate came in, mostly so the “source” of the stink (apparently those boots, hehe) was not discovered.

“It smells like a rat died in here”, he exclaimed.

I had to bite my lip to stop laughing as he rushed out to get air freshener, and then sprayed liberally. Hehe.

Another time I was drinking with a buddy and I asked him “why my feet smell that much”.

Or I believe, I asked him “I hope there’s no smell”.

Ole Bruce was classic . That wrinkled face he made – hilarious.

The boots made their way to his roommates closet (a rather jovial if somewhat drunken guy – hehe) – who wondered later in his “huhuhuhuhu” drunken manner (he was a good guy, haha) “where the smell came from! I just did laundry!)”

That night, them boots also hung outside by the shoelaces out a window…

I used to be embarassed about my feet, soles when I was younger. Little did I know what a treasure I myself had, despite even girls telling me about them…

But it’s all good.

You truly have to be on the other side, walk a mile in the other mans shoes – literally, hehe – to understand the other side.

That’s why my Domming is such a mind blowing experience. I can predict exactly what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling at any set point in time because hey, years ago – I felt the same!

Most successful Doms and Dominas started out as subs – in my case, the women Id sub to would ask me to dominate them. Hehe. Picture that.

It was always there in me.

And that’s why, my friend, I’m the best to bring you fetish and domination like NEVER before.

Onward and upward (unless you have a tiny caged dick, hehe)!


Mike Watson

PS – Place a pre order for Sissy Workouts here. I’m currently getting one of my most pathetic sluts into better shape, and this book is how.

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